USA Today Crossword Answers – Dec 21 2022

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Clues Answers
'All bets ___ off!' ARE
'Almost!' CLOSE
'Aw, too bad!' THATSAPITY
'Goodness me' GOSH
'Hmm . . .' LETMESEE
'Oh, drat!' DARNIT
'Quantum Leap' channel NBC
'Que ___ pasando?' ('What's going on?') ESTA
'The Fresh Prince of ___-Air' BEL
'___ on a true story' BASED
Actress Salonga LEA
Admissions requirement for some grad schools GRE
Ahead of the rest FIRST
Amphitheater levels TIERS
Apple crumble topping OATS
Brand of farm machinery DEERE
Calc or trig MATH
Capital city home to the Pantheon ROME
Capital city that gets as little as six hours of sunlight a day in the winter OSLO
Color HUE
Delivers a speech ORATES
Dinner table pad PLACEMAT
Drawing stick CRAYON
Emotionally distant ALOOF
Etching and sculpture, for example ARTS
Eyelid bump STYE
Felt mouse, for example CATTOY
Fourth-year students (Abbr.) SRS
Fractions of a euro CENTS
General vibe AURA
Get 100% on ACE
Grab the check TREAT
Grain for gimbap RICE
Grain storage tower SILO
Griffin or kraken BEAST
Hallucinogenic drug LSD
High school English class, for short APLIT
Hmong Heritage Month (Abbr.) APR
Honey makers BEES
Hotel units (Abbr.) RMS
Key above Caps Lock TAB
Like flushed cheeks ROSY
Like some frilly bras LACY
Like some phones and hair dryers CORDED
Low-budget prefix ECONO
Minji stew veggie PEA
Miserable SAD
NYC neighborhood HARLEM
Ocean Vuong specialty POETRY
On a spending ___ SPREE
Over with DONE
Prefix for 'romantic' ALLO
Put to the ___ TEST
Removed all evidence LEFTNOTRACE
Rowing stick OAR
Sandwiches from Puebla CEMITAS
Securities involved in insider trading STOCKS
Sentimental weakness SOFTSPOT
Shopping basket units ITEMS
Singer ___ Adu SADE
Softest mineral TALC
Soup scoopers LADLES
Starchy tubers YAMS
State park diagram MAP
State that borders three seas ALASKA
Super simple EASY
Supporters (but not members) of the LGBTQ community STRAIGHTALLIES
Sweepstakes submission ENTRY
Tax org IRS
Tent made from animal hides TIPI
Waterbird that mates for life SWAN
___ Battles (Roblox game with gloves) SLAP
___ kwon do TAE
___ out (barely get) EKE
___ pants CAPRI
___, rinse, repeat LATHER
___-El (Superman's birth name) KAL