USA Today Crossword Answers – Dec 22 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Hot Ones’ host Evans SEAN
‘How Stella Got ___ Groove Back’ HER
‘I’m Sorry’ singer Brenda LEE
‘Impressive!’ IDIGIT
‘Is a ___ a sandwich?’ (polarizing question) HOTDOG
‘Not impressed’ MEH
‘Sadly . . .’ ALAS
‘The Lion King’ uncle SCAR
‘___ Breaky Heart’ ACHY
‘___ the breaks!’ THEMS
‘___ the night before Christmas . . .’ TWAS
Advertising tagline SLOGAN
Anna Zhigalova’s sport SUMO
Apple’s middle CORE
Aussie animal KOALA
Bachelorette after Becca HANNAH
Banishment EXILE
Be a good match FIT
Beginning ORIGIN
Bit of expert advice PROTIP
Bit of smoke WISP
Categorizes SORTS
Collections of leaves PILES
Compton’s state, for short CALI
Country near Australia TIMORLESTE
Detergent brand TIDE
Donkey, biblically ASS
Egyptian city where the Arab League is headquartered CAIRO
Fashionably nostalgic RETRO
Fed a signal to CUED
Fiction counterpart FACT
French for ‘coasts’ COTES
From Gwynedd, say WELSH
Georgia airport code ATL
Heist planner’s holy grail THEPERFECTCRIME
Helpful clue HINT
Home observed by a birder NEST
Horse gait TROT
Imitate a wolf HOWL
Inbox Zero target EMAIL
Leaf-collecting tool RAKE
Lex who hates Superman LUTHOR
Lit sign in a theater EXIT
Literary alter ego who inspired the Hulk HYDE
Livestock drinking spot TROUGH
Male deer STAG
Mass times acceleration, per Newton’s second law FORCE
Matures AGES
Moistens WETS
Muscle near a lat DELT
Music player STEREO
Musical pace TEMPO
Org. with a Slam Dunk Contest NBA
Organ with a lobe EAR
Painting and such ARTS
Painting supporters EASELS
Period of time STINT
Person with legendary status ICON
Peru’s capital LIMA
Player who gets points SCORER
Possesses, old-style HATH
Possible source of pressure PEER
Prefix akin to ‘contra-‘ ANTI
Prefix for ‘dextrous’ AMBI
Royal flush card ACE
Send it into extra innings, say TIETHEGAME
Sign for a seer OMEN
Simone who sang ‘Sinnerman’ NINA
Some apartments don’t allow them PETS
Talk up a storm YAK
Tennis official UMPIRE
The sun, for one STAR
TV show supervisors EPS
Unbusy IDLE
___-pop (music genre) SYNTH
___-textured hair AFRO