USA Today Crossword Answers – Feb 23 2022

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'Can you spare some time?' GOTASEC
'Get what I'm sayin'?' FEELME
'Have you ___ helped?' BEEN
'Quiet!' SHH
'The Wedding Banquet' director Lee ANG
'What ___ do for you?' CANI
'___ at a time' ONE
Acrobat's garment LEOTARD
Active chemical in cannabis THC
Ad about saving the Earth, for example PSA
Affirmative vote AYE
Art ___ (early-1900s style) DECO
Beach bird GULL
Big fancy house MANOR
Body part with three tiny bones EAR
Captured CAUGHT
Cheek application BLUSH
Clairvoyant's ability ESP
Coffees with no jolt DECAFS
Cross-legged asana LOTUSPOSE
Design detail, for short SPEC
Device for making withdrawals ATM
End result OUTCOME
Firecracker sound POP
Fireplace output HEAT
Furious IRATE
Garden in the Bible EDEN
Gemstone weight unit CARAT
Gobbled up EATEN
Granola grain OAT
Happen next ENSUE
Illegally acquired STOLEN
Impatiently enthusiastic EAGER
Increase by a factor of three TRIPLE
Increases UPS
Indigenous ___ Day (second Monday of October) PEOPLES
Irritating person PEST
Labs run them TESTS
Like a loving massage SENSUAL
Lollipop part STICK
Makes a mistake ERRS
Makes happy PLEASES
Messy pile HEAP
Muppet annoyed by Rocco ELMO
Mushroom part CAP
Natural hairdos AFROS
Offspring of a male donkey and a female horse MULE
Opposite of 'followed' LED
Part of a romantic bouquet LONGSTEMMEDROSE
Partly melted snow SLUSH
Pay attention to HEED
Perform like Yahya Abdul-Mateen II ACT
Prefix meaning ''against'' ANTI
Previous OLD
Prophetic sign OMEN
Refer to in a footnote CITE
Reggae legend Tosh PETER
Rodent in a dumpster RAT
Sci-fi writer Cipri NINO
Served with ice cream ALAMODE
Sick of it FEDUP
Square yardage measures it AREA
State with a beaver on its flag OREGON
Strap held by a jockey REIN
Strongly suggests URGES
Tech giant based in New Taipei City ACER
Tennis Hall of Famer Arthur ASHE
Uktena, the Horned ___ SERPENT
What Invisalign aligns TEETH
Wheelchair incline RAMP
Without company ALONE
Word before 'capita' or 'diem' PER
Words to a faraway friend MISSYOU
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, for example HUNK
___ feeling (hunch) GUT
___ off (severs) LOPS
___-mo replay SLO