USA Today Crossword Answers – Feb 24 2021

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Feb 24 2021. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘Do ___ others . . .’ UNTO
‘Gotta run!’ LATER
‘It’s my turn’ IMUP
‘Last chance!’ NOWORNEVER
‘No ifs, ___ or buts!’ ANDS
‘Someone Like You’ singer ADELE
Agricultural phenomenon often attributed to UFOs CROPCIRCLE
Anklet fastener CLASP
Beam with pride GLOW
Beside ALONG
Bird on Mexico’s flag EAGLE
Carve in glass ETCH
Chow mein alternative CHOPSUEY
Clairvoyant’s reading AURA
Cold ___ coffee BREW
Comedian Fabrega ANA
Counterparts of evens ODDS
Counterparts of ins OUTS
Cupid’s Greek counterpart EROS
Dallas Wings org WNBA
Dance celebrated on Dec. 2 in Brazil SAMBA
Didn’t float SANK
Donkey ASS
Duplicitous sort LIAR
Dwellings HOMES
Elongated sandwiches SUBS
Elongated sea creatures EELS
Empress, e.g RULER
End of a prof’s email address EDU
Extract metal from SMELT
Extremely windy GUSTY
Gambling destination in Monaco MONTECARLO
Goes out on TV AIRS
Golf ball’s perch TEE
Great times BLASTS
Green coating on a statue PATINA
Hawaiian island that had the longest rain shower in history OAHU
Hem and ___ HAW
Heritage railroad sights TANKLOCOMOTIVES
How hairs might stand ONEND
Lake fish TROUT
Large primates APES
Largest city in Nebraska OMAHA
Largest mammal WHALE
Makes less strict EASES
Makizushi topping ROE
Many a first responder EMT
Many years ___ AGO
Mice, to weasels PREY
Milan fashion label PRADA
Mischievous kids IMPS
Opposite of NNW SSE
Opposite of obscurity FAME
Ovaltine ingredient MALT
Pester constantly NAG
Prefix for ‘nemesis’ and ‘rival’ ARCH
Puts out birthday candles BLOWS
Retina’s place EYE
Road hazards RUTS
Sass LIP
Sculling sticks OARS
Shoppers’ aids LISTS
Sister company of Enterprise ALAMO
Soup starters BROTHS
Sunny room SOLARIUM
The Dalai ___ LAMA
Theme park with a geodesic sphere EPCOT
Thrash about wildly FLAIL
Truly amazed AWED
Turkey’s national flower TULIP
Tuxedo shirt fastener STUD
Unicorn protrusion HORN
Up to the task ABLE
USWNT players, e.g PROS
Washo for ‘the lake’ TAHOE
Worldwide GLOBAL
___ pool GENE