USA Today Crossword Answers – Feb 28 2020

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Feb 28 2020. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘Always Be My Maybe’ star Wong ALI
‘Frog and ___ Together’ TOAD
‘Is ___ so?’ THAT
‘It just doesn’t ___ up’ ADD
‘Mind blown!’ WHOA
‘Say what now?’ COMEAGAIN
‘That’s what’s up!’ GREAT
‘Way ahead of you!’ ONIT
68-Across alum Gasteyer ANA
Abbr. in a company name INC
Amongst AMID
Another name for bubble tea BOBA
App symbol ICON
Ayes’ counterpart NAYS
Benzoyl peroxide target ACNE
Biblical garden dweller ADAM
Bluish-green color TEAL
Bracelet trinket CHARM
Brainstorming breakthrough IDEA
Brazilian dance that’s a Greek letter with an extra A inserted LAMBADA
Bullying types MEANIES
Bureaucratic headache REDTAPE
Called a softball game UMPED
Clothing GARB
Desert traveled by Ibn Battuta SAHARA
Droops SAGS
Elected position SEAT
Emphatic refusal ISAIDNO
Exhausts SAPS
Father SIRE
Figurative gateway to a long series of distractions RABBITHOLE
Frozen rains SLEETS
Give off EMIT
Greek vowels IOTAS
Having the wherewithal ABLE
Helps with something illegal ABETS
It might be hard to break HABIT
Japan’s continent ASIA
Keen on INTO
Little criticism NIT
Little rascal IMP
Long-running CBS drama NCIS
Long-running sketch show, briefly SNL
Marine mammal WHALE
Mining target ORE
Moo’s source COW
Movie critic Stevens DANA
Name that becomes another name if you put it between C and S ARLO
No longer here GONE
Not just some ALL
Noticed SEEN
Occasion to dress down at work CASUALFRIDAY
Opera piece ARIA
Out of charge DEAD
Ower’s onus DEBT
Patch applied using heat IRONON
Pedicurists work on them TOES
People prone to clumsiness OAFS
Positive feedback on the back PATS
Searchlight in Gotham BATSIGNAL
Sideways-walking crustacean CRAB
Sister in ‘Little Women’ BETH
Skeptical retort ASIF
Some music holders CDS
Sphere ORB
Sprays, say WETS
Spring festival HOLI
Suffix for ‘Oktober’ FEST
The ___ Davis Institute on Gender in Media GEENA
Tool in a shed HOE
Try to fall asleep, perhaps COUNTSHEEP
Wearing away ERODING
Willie O’Ree played in it (Abbr.) NHL
Word before ‘blastoff!’ ONE
___ fitting BRA