USA Today Crossword Answers – Jan 13 2022

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Clues Answers
'Begin timing me now!' STARTTHECLOCK
'I need a few ___' SECS
'It's that time already?' SOSOON
'Skip ___' (streaming button) INTRO
'Sweat' playwright Nottage LYNN
'___ Love' (song that 33 couples got married to at the 2014 Grammys) SAME
Abel's brother CAIN
Actress Polo TERI
Apex predator of the avian world EAGLE
Bar exam, e.g TEST
Boxer Laila ALI
Bread served with dhal NAAN
Call bell sound TING
Did a 5K RAN
Discourage DETER
Dismay at an astronomical price tag STICKERSHOCK
Doesn't win LOSES
Don't toss KEEP
Drink served with scones TEA
Earn some commission, perhaps MAKEASALE
Emotion often represented with the color red ANGER
Finalizes, like a deal CLOSES
For a limited time ___ ONLY
Former Giants quarterback Manning ELI
Fraudulent schemes SCAMS
French preposition hidden in 'rave culture' AVEC
Get better HEAL
Good dog's reward TREAT
Haunted Mansion 'residents' GHOSTS
ID on a tax return SSN
Indiana's NBA team PACERS
Is unable to CANT
JFK landing predictions ETAS
Just in case LEST
Moderate gait TROT
Name hidden in 'Her majesty' ERMA
Not in support of ANTI
Not open SHUT
One-celled organism AMOEBA
Org. with a Steelers/Ravens rivalry NFL
Oyakodon ingredient EGG
Piece of direction-giving tech GPS
Place for a collar NECK
Possessed OWNED
Prefix with 'nautical' AERO
Prophet ORACLE
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Isabel WILKERSON
Pulls up a chair SITS
Puts to work USES
Resentful BITTER
Reservation whose members established the Sacred Stone Camp STANDINGROCK
Restaurant employee SERVER
Room for a La-Z-Boy DEN
Rotated TURNED
Second-deepest U.S. lake TAHOE
Secret agent SPY
Some cars with charging stations TESLAS
Soon-to-be grads (Abbr.) SRS
Space to hang parkas COATROOM
Specifics DETAILS
Tax prep expert CPA
Topic of some negotiations SALARY
Totally committed ALLIN
Unreleased, like emotions PENTUP
Unwanted email SPAM
Welcomes at the door ASKSIN
Where scrub nurses work (Abbr.) ORS
Word after 'Central' or 'parallel' PARK
Workplace note MEMO
___ see ew PAD
___ through (quickly search) RIFLE