USA Today Crossword Answers – Jan 16 2022

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'Back to the Future' actress Thompson LEA
'Fantastic!' GREAT
'Hey, another thing . . .' OHBYTHEWAY
'How can I ever ___ you?' REPAY
'I'll pass' NAH
'Is anybody here?' HELLO
'Queen' author Alex HALEY
'That's right' YES
'The Family Romanov' monarch TSAR
'Until next time!' BYE
'___ me explain!' LET
'___-doke!' OKEY
12/31, for short NYE
Actress Menzel IDINA
Assistant AIDE
Beehive State resident UTAHN
Birds heard at night HOOTOWLS
Bone-to-muscle connector SINEW
Boxer McCarter LAYLA
Brief moment SEC
Brown drink COLA
Channel on which 'DaDaDa DaDaDa' can be heard ESPN
Cold sore soother ALOE
Competitor like Justin Williams RACER
Curved path ARC
Deals with struggles COPES
Female turkeys HENS
Fish with a fruit in its name LEMONSOLE
Fuel in a tank GAS
Gas that glows red NEON
Goddess associated with the capital of Greece ATHENA
Greek god of love EROS
Have a longing YEARN
Insects that make mounds ANTS
Island nation near Tunisia MALTA
Lean-___ (simple shelters) TOS
Lumber mill tool SAW
Made cow sounds MOOED
Make it right ATONE
Mountain where Musa received two tablets SINAI
Move on skates GLIDE
Moving day rental UHAULTRUCK
National Regifting Day month (Abbr.) DEC
Norway's capital OSLO
Not at home OUT
Once ___ blue moon INA
Order ___ carte ALA
Picture made with needles TATTOO
Pill in a clinical trial PLACEBO
Place where watermelons grow PATCH
Prefix for 'space' CYBER
Prefix for 'space' HYPER
Prefix for 'space' AERO
Prepare ahead of time PLAN
Problem with an old sofa cushion SAG
Salty or bitter, for example TASTE
School URL ending EDU
See-through SHEER
Shrill barks YELPS
Silences MUTES
Skating venues ICEARENAS
Small flute PICCOLO
Small pie TART
Some burial sites TOMBS
Sound at a salon SNIP
Subside like the tide EBB
Symbol on the Cuban flag STAR
Take an oath SWEAR
Title for Sidney Poitier SIR
Tonsils' locations THROATS
Triumphed in a photo finish WONBYANOSE
Type of body language considered rude in many cultures EYECONTACT
Ungoverned society ANARCHY
Very pale ASHEN
Washington Wizards' org NBA
Zero percent NOTATALL
___ Club (Costco rival) SAMS
___ job (mechanic's task) LUBE