USA Today Crossword Answers – Jan 18 2023

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Clues Answers
'I agree!' YES
'I don't ___ why not' SEE
'There's no need to ___ the obvious' STATE
Arcade coins TOKENS
Area on the outskirts of a city SUBURBIA
ATL time zone EST
Background actors EXTRAS
Barbie's boyfriend KEN
Bigheadedness EGO
Boom's opposite BUST
Cast-___ skillet IRON
Chile-to-Argentina direction EAST
Colombo, Sri ___ LANKA
Colorful play areas for kids BALLPITS
Confidentiality document NDA
Costume with a big red nose CLOWN
Coup d'___ ETAT
Cracker with 13 holes SALTINE
Creamy orange dish with chicken or paneer TIKKAMASALA
Cried WEPT
Criticize harshly ATTACK
Decisive defeat ROUT
Degree for an exec MBA
Desperate request PLEA
Establishment with a liquor license BAR
Faucet TAP
Follow an order OBEY
Former NBA star Ming YAO
Garment for a messy meal BIB
Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, ___ BOOMERS
Had a chat TALKED
ID no. with two hyphens SSN
Incoming plane stats ETAS
Instructions part STEP
Korean fried rice BOKKEUMBAP
Leg joint KNEE
Leopold's butcher shop purchase in 'Ulysses' PORKKIDNEY
Liquid from boiling greens POTLIKKER
Makes a choice OPTS
Marbled Chinese snack TEAEGG
Martial art that originated in Okinawa KARATE
Medication amount DOSE
Mull over PONDER
Org. that monitors air quality EPA
Part of a fast-food combo SODA
Places for septum rings NOSES
Pollinating insect BEE
Poses a question ASKS
Private teacher's student TUTEE
Property re-rental SUBLEASE
Puts in a particular order SORTS
Record companies LABELS
Rocks containing valuable minerals ORES
Sculptures, stained glass, etc ART
Sharp-tipped missile in a pub game DART
Shells out cash SPENDS
Singer Lennox ARI
Sonic the Hedgehog company SEGA
Southern ___ Indian Reservation, Colorado UTE
Spanish for 'gold' ORO
Spoken ORAL
Stitch SEW
Sunflower Showdown school, for short KSU
Svalbard's country NORWAY
Tahoe or Titicaca LAKE
Tempe school, for short ASU
Thing to do TASK
Tolerate STAND
Turkey ___ (Thanksgiving race) TROT
Unadorned BARE
Vital KEY
Water-resistant wood TEAK
What to do to a forgotten password RESET
Woodcutting tool AXE
___ and outs INS
___ chi TAI
___-Caps (candy) SNO