USA Today Crossword Answers – Jan 25 2022

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'Also . . .' PLUS
'Don't go!' STAY
'Don't go,' for example PLEA
'Don't worry about it,' for short NBD
'Get my point?' SEE
'Good joke!' NICEONE
'Star Wars' ship FINNPOE
'Super' birthday party in a long-running MTV show SWEETSIXTEEN
'The Brother From ___ Planet' ANOTHER
'Use your inside voice, please' SHH
'___ are like onions' ('Shrek' quote) OGRES
A very long time EONS
Actress Demie ALEXA
Advanced degrees PHDS
Big animal with horns RHINO
Car with a meter TAXI
Cash machine ATM
Chowder ingredient CORN
Civil rights activist Jo ___ Robinson ANN
Commercials ADS
Decide OPT
Doctor with an otoscope ENT
Faucet TAP
First part of a rhyming synonym for 'small' ITSY
First part of a rhyming synonym for 'small' TEENSY
Fixture with a faucet SINK
Going through the motions FAKINGIT
Hatches a plan SCHEMES
Horned figure in the 'Montero' video SATAN
In a ___ manner (promptly) TIMELY
In agreement with the plan ONBOARD
Isn't too loose or too tight FITS
Large body of water SEA
Laundry basketfuls LOADS
Letters on sunscreen bottles SPF
Liberate FREE
Living thing ORGANISM
Mountain known as Qomolangma in Tibetan EVEREST
Nickname for the National Pan-Hellenic Council DIVINENINE
Not make MISS
Op-___ (opinion columns) EDS
Opponent FOE
Part of a rose STEM
Parts of instructions STEPS
Parts of months WEEKS
Response to 'Gracias' DENADA
Roman numeral 12 XII
School dance team POMS
Sheet of glass in a window PANE
Siblings' daughters NIECES
Sleep garment BONNET
Southeast Asian language THAI
Stiletto, for example HEEL
Stonewall ___ INN
Superhero team that fights Doctor Doom FANTASTICFOUR
Symbol on India's flag WHEEL
Take the bait BITE
Taking estrogen, for short ONE
They might be happy or have twists ENDINGS
They might be palm-rolled LOCS
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
Tool for gathering leaves RAKE
Tools for spraying HOSES
Track star Telfer CECE
Triceps' place ARM
Two Truths and a ___ LIE
Unspoken social rules NORMS
Very good ONPOINT
Word after 'cheese' or 'chamomile' TEA
Writing utensil PEN
Zero NIL
Zora ___ Hurston NEALE
___ debated issue HOTLY