USA Today Crossword Answers – Jul 15 2019

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Jul 15 2019. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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‘Alternative fact’ LIE
‘In ___ of gifts . . .’ LIEU
Act to atone for SIN
Alley feline STRAYCAT
Amazon’s digital helper ALEXA
Avoid being fired, in a way QUIT
Badminton set item NET
Beauty treatment spot SPA
Became instantly obvious JUMPEDOUT
Big-bottomed fruit PEAR
Black belt’s blow CHOP
Buoyant melody LILT
Burger flipper’s position MCJOB
Causes of NHL shootouts TIES
Choker securer CLASP
Chowder morsel CLAM
Daunting burden ONUS
Design on dishes CHINAPATTERN
Early rock video airer MTV
Eatery easel display MENU
Fab Four drummer STARR
Fifth-century pillager HUN
Fizzy mixer SODA
Gave a title to NAMED
Gave off a 33-Down STANK
Genre with big-eyed toons ANIME
Give the slip to ELUDE
Google find SITE
He may call you out UMP
Hemsworth of ‘The Hunger Games’ LIAM
Hot sauce in Thai cuisine SRIRACHA
iPhone image ICON
Just barely ATAD
Kvetcher’s cry OYVEY
Letters on meat packages USDA
Lingerie fabric SATIN
Litter box emanation ODOR
Long-haired terrier, informally YORKIE
Made dove calls COOED
Makes incensed RILES
Miniseries opener PARTI
Moral code ETHIC
Mother Goose offering POEM
Much of a bellhop’s income TIPS
Need a doctor AIL
Not at all significant MINOR
Objectivist author Rand AYN
One with top billing STAR
Penelope with a 2009 Oscar CRUZ
Place to stash cash MONEYBELT
Prepared to give a standing O AROSE
Put into a cache HIDE
Put on notice WARN
Range crossed by Hannibal ALPS
Ready to pounce POISED
Reason for stitches GASH
Reggie Miller, for 18 seasons INDIANAPACER
Reply to ‘Still asleep?’ IMUP
Request a Milk-Bone, say BEG
Rhapsodic rhyme ODE
Risk getting bleeped CUSS
Rogue portrayer in ‘X-Men’ movies ANNAPAQUIN
Root in Hawaiian cookery TARO
Sandy’s bark ARF
See 36-Across NOT
Sleeping Beauty’s place BED
Spreadsheet entries INPUT
Stick-thrower’s command FETCH
Sweat-inducing garment SAUNAPANTS
Thing to avoid NONO
Toll booth’s place PLAZA
Use a Lawn-Boy MOW
Used to possess HAD
With 39-Across, words on Moses’ tablets SHALT
Wool-yielding pack animal ALPACA
Word after floor or flight PLAN
Worker on a windjammer SAILOR