USA Today Crossword Answers – Jun 17 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Finesse’ singer Bruno MARS
‘Hold your horses!’ WHOA
‘___ there, done that’ BEEN
‘___ you asked . . .’ SINCE
Advice to a sinner ATONE
Andy’s TV and radio pal AMOS
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
Antique bathtub features FEET
Aspiring star’s goal FAME
Barn topper VANE
Blow off steam VENT
Celeb with a magazine OPRAH
Checked-baggage limit WEIGHTALLOWANCE
City west of Daytona Beach OCALA
Distort, as poll results SKEW
Doesn’t leave ajar SHUTS
Ethan of the Green Mountain Boys ALLEN
Exit, to P.T. Barnum EGRESS
Fight card highlight MAINEVENT
For dieters, in ads LOFAT
Garment for Dracula CLOAK
Golden Arches order BIGMAC
Great Barrier Reef denizens EELS
Gym bag filler GEAR
Gymnast’s bar BEAM
Help in securing a loan COSIGN
Hobbyist’s glue EPOXY
Hockey puck, e.g DISC
Hunted and pecked, say TYPED
In the pink HALE
Itinerary word VIA
Keebler mascot ELF
Kicks the tires of, so to speak TESTS
Leave no tip for STIFF
Leave the sack ARISE
Links position LIE
Lisa Simpson, to Patty or Selma NIECE
Lob trajectory ARC
Machu Picchu dweller INCA
Mandatory bet ANTE
Many a shelter adoptee CAT
More than satisfy SATE
Music festival itinerary, for short SKED
Nanook’s transport SLED
No longer available TAKEN
Not hunched over ERECT
Object of Indiana Jones’ quest ARK
Original House of Bourbon members FRENCHROYALTY
Out of one’s tree WACKY
Pellet shooters AIRRIFLES
Picnicker’s worry RAIN
Pony up PAY
Present-day Neanderthal OAF
Public spectacles SCENES
Pueblo tribe member HOPI
Quackgrass, e.g WEED
Reporting to BELOW
Rescuer, to the rescued HERO
Resolved, with ‘out’ IRONED
Revenue-collecting agency TAXCOMMISSION
Roller coaster feature LOOP
Script memorizer ACTOR
Ship that sailed to Colchis ARGO
Social insect ANT
Squalid digs STY
Stage staff CREW
Start a golf game TEEUP
Tabloids hoverers UFOS
Take responsibility for SEETO
The Riddler, to Batman ENEMY
Tour de France range ALPS
Twelve Oaks neighbor of fiction TARA
Typical role for Hitchcock CAMEO
Ultimatum ender ELSE
Unit cost word APIECE
Wilder’s ‘___ Town’ OUR
Windex target PANE
Word before pack or pick ICE