USA Today Crossword Answers – Jun 5 2022

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Clues Answers
'Come and Get This Hunni' singer Leakes NENE
'Do' and 'go,' but not 'to' or 'no' VERBS
'No ___, no fuss!' MUSS
'Om mani padme hum,' for example MANTRA
'Shop ___ You Drop' TIL
'SmackDown' org WWE
'That's a lie!' NOTSO
'What if we try this instead . . .' IGOTABETTERIDEA
'___ had it up to here!' IVE
'___ you kidding me?' ARE
Amethyst or jade GEM
Big-haired doll TROLL
Boise River's state IDAHO
Carpentry and masonry, for two TRADES
Cartoonist's fluid INK
Casual talk CHAT
Catharsis RELEASE
Charged atom ION
Cheese similar to parmesan but creamier ASIAGO
Chekov's rank on 'Star Trek' ENSIGN
Chinese fir, e.g TREE
Comparable AKIN
Crispier part of a brownie EDGE
Cut off SEVER
Develop gradually EVOLVE
Diamond pattern ARGYLE
Docs for doggies VETS
Feels out of sorts AILS
Fruit rich in potassium BANANA
Fuse using heat WELD
Get a policy on INSURE
Get the ___ (win) DUB
Girls' Generation genre KPOP
Gives a thumbs-up to OKS
Hamburger Aalsuppe ingredients EELS
HD ___ wig LACE
Herb pot filler SOIL
Homes for foxes DENS
Hype your achievements BRAG
Khutbah deliverer IMAM
Lake's bottom BED
Large number of people LEGION
Largest continent ASIA
Letters preceding an alias AKA
Like cottagecore RUSTIC
Loud noise DIN
Luge track surface ICE
Measure twice, cut ___ ONCE
Officer above a cpl SGT
Part of a ballet ACT
Part of the psyche EGO
PDX time zone PST
Realtor's offering UNIT
Realtor's offerings LISTINGS
Region that covers most of Botswana KALAHARIDESERT
Rotten to the core EVIL
Sanda move KICK
Seriously detest HATE
Shiny finish GLOSS
Some poems ODES
State south of Minnesota IOWA
Stay away from AVOID
Supermarket worker CLERK
Synagogue cabinets ARKS
Taking estrogen, for short ONE
Telescope support TRIPOD
Time period ERA
Top-notch PRIMO
Tylenol alternative ALEVE
Understand GET
Way in that's not the front or the back SIDEDOOR
Wisconsin nation ONEIDA
Word after 'can' or 'eye' OPENER
www.ohio.___ GOV
www.uchicago.___ EDU
___ up (prepared) GEARED
___-weenie TEENIE