USA Today Crossword Answers – Mar 11 2020

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Clues Answers
‘Because I ___ so!’ SAID
‘Bro!’ DUDE
‘Calvin and Hobbes’ vehicle SLED
‘Dark Angel’ actress Jessica ALBA
‘Gotcha!’ AHA
‘Green ___’ (farm sitcom) ACRES
‘Hamilton’ climax DUEL
‘The Mother of Black Hollywood’ memoirist Jenifer LEWIS
‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ author Jenny HAN
Alan who was the first American in space SHEPARD
Apple coating CARAMEL
Backless shoe MULE
Betray, in a way RATON
Bibimbap topper EGG
Big bore DRAG
Blizzard component SNOW
Comic actress Imogene COCA
Cornfield intruder CROW
Crack up LAUGH
Demolitionist’s stock TNT
Emerges victorious WINS
End of a long trip LASTLEG
Enjoyed a gyro, e.g ATE
Exactly right ONTHEMONEY
Favorable votes AYES
Fictional explorer Marquez DORA
Finger-pointer on a poster UNCLESAM
Flea market stipulation ASIS
French for ‘Christmas’ NOEL
Garden buzzer BEE
Give the green light ASSENT
Govt. broadcast monitor FCC
Grow up MATURE
Laundry batch LOAD
Layered pasta entree LASAGNA
Lexicographer’s study SLANG
Low on rainfall ARID
Lowest prime number TWO
Mani’s partner PEDI
Microbrewery brew ALE
Name that sounds like a food STU
Not a sham REAL
Offer as an enticement DANGLE
Parlor creation, for short TAT
Particle in an electrolyte ION
Place for a mineral scrub SPA
Place for polish NAIL
Plumbing problem CLOG
Prefix for ‘space’ AERO
Prefix that means ‘very small’ NANO
Rays from lasers BEAMS
Rock in a mine ORE
Savannah’s state GEORGIA
Screwed up ERRED
Searches high and low SCOURS
Seize suddenly GRAB
Self-obsession EGOMANIA
Shipped out SENT
Short haircut BOB
Singer ___ Del Rey LANA
Snack that’s sometimes deep-fried OREOCOOKIE
Spanish for ‘boy’ NINO
Spice in curry powder CUMIN
Term of address that’s a palindrome SIS
Tha ___ Pound (hip-hop duo) DOGG
The sixth element CARBON
Tool for a zen garden RAKE
Tourist destination near Carson City TAHOE
View a whole season of in one day, say BINGEWATCH
Was concerned CARED
Wear away ERODE
Windswept hill DUNE
World’s longest above-water mountain range ANDES
Wrestler’s feat PIN
___ carte ALA
___-and-desist letter CEASE