USA Today Crossword Answers – Mar 20 2020

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Mar 20 2020. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘I’m so mean, I make medicine sick’ boxer ALI
‘If only!’ IWISH
‘Je t’___’ AIME
‘Now I’m in It’ trio HAIM
‘What ___ you got?’ ELSE
Actuary’s specialty RISK
Amelia Earhart vehicle PLANE
An old T-shirt might be used as one RAG
Arm of the sea INLET
Baby garments ONESIES
Ballerina’s support TOE
Baseball players who don’t field (Abbr.) DHS
Beatrix Potter bunny PETERRABBIT
Burglarize ROB
Canadian shoe brand ALDO
Cardi B or Kim K, e.g CELEB
Christmas candy shape CANE
Clean with steel wool, say SCOUR
Coffee holder URN
Come after ENSUE
Comeback RALLY
Corridor HALL
Creepy look LEER
Dirt plus water MUD
Disney elephant DUMBO
Earth’s outermost layer CRUST
Fortuneteller’s offering PALMREADING
Fruit with Moon Drop and Witch Finger varieties GRAPES
Glasses, for short SPECS
Got a clue WISEDUP
Gradual destruction EROSION
Have one’s jaw on the floor GAPE
Home to San Juan PUERTORICO
Hopping mad ANGRY
House shoe SLIPPER
Insurer named for a volcano AETNA
Item for a play PROP
Lend a hand to AID
Make a boo-boo ERR
Make full SATE
Mantilla or hijab, e.g VEIL
Medical insurance grp HMO
Merchant’s offerings WARES
Moves stealthily SLINKS
Network with financial news CNBC
Note above fa SOL
Oscar winner Sophia LOREN
Outdoor space in some apartments TERRACE
Palindromic name OTTO
Partner of doom GLOOM
Perches for frogs LILYPADS
Perform in a play ACT
Persuades SWAYS
Psyche parts EGOS
Remove the skin from PARE
Round things ORBS
Second-person possessive YOUR
Short moment SEC
Slice of time ERA
Snug as a bug in a ___ RUG
Soak in something savory MARINATE
Spanish for ‘aunt’ TIA
Spit-out parts of a watermelon SEEDS
Squirrel’s acorn hoard, for one STASH
Take a turn in Yahtzee ROLL
Title hit in a 1984 Prince movie PURPLERAIN
Totally chill ATPEACE
Unappetizing food in ‘Oliver Twist’ GRUEL
Use a crowbar PRY
Verb in a legal drama or ‘The Great British Baking Show’ PROVE
What to do after a bad ruling APPEAL
Where to watch ‘Watchmen’ HBO
Words upon arrival IMHERE
___ Championship (annual golf major) PGA
___ Moines DES
___ soup (sushi accompaniment) MISO