USA Today Crossword Answers – Mar 7 2022

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Clues Answers
'. . . ish' ORSO
'Butt out!' letters MYOB
'Pretty please with a cherry ___' ONTOP
'Sula' author Morrison TONI
'When it ___, it pours' RAINS
Accessory for Princess Mia TIARA
Activist Garner ERICA
Apia's country SAMOA
Attachments for cowboy boots SPURS
Austrian coin EURO
Bug that can lift many times its weight ANT
Chomp BITE
Come up ARISE
Competitor RIVAL
Curled up in the ___ position FETAL
Daisy relative ASTER
Depart LEAVE
Dialect created by Black people in the U.S AAVE
Done with a nap AWAKE
Easy-Bake ___ OVEN
Fashionably ___ LATE
Fiscal execs CFOS
Fixed fire signs LEOS
Flour in churi ATTA
Fodder for a graph DATA
Frozen drink brand ICEE
Game Boy batteries AAS
Gently mock TEASE
Granola bit NUT
Group of students CLASS
Home for a tree squirrel OAK
Kvetch MOAN
Like Maya Lin's earthwork 'The Wave Field' SITESPECIFIC
Mailed SENT
Maker of egg-shaped lip balms EOS
Material that was once carved to make Chinese puzzle balls IVORY
Neither here ___ there NOR
One carried in a cradleboard BABY
One who 'flits' in well with everyone SOCIALBUTTERFLY
Outspoken VOCAL
Part of a dance lesson STEP
Particular smells ODORS
Performing ___ ARTS
Piece of neckwear TIE
Pointy-eared being ELF
Portion PIECE
Prefix often paired with 'het' CIS
Queen in 'Frozen' ELSA
Regard highly ESTEEM
Reggae precursor SKA
Safe spot when 'the floor is lava' SOFA
Sally Rooney novel-turned-series about a complex relationship NORMALPEOPLE
Sobbed WEPT
Source of soothing gel ALOE
Source of vitamin D SUN
Spheres in a box of chocolates TRUFFLES
Spool for film REEL
Subculture related to emo SCENE
Suspenseful percussion DRUMROLL
Take a ___ of faith LEAP
There's no 'i' in it TEAM
Totally nails ACES
Tragic SAD
True thing FACT
Understood KNEW
Us, in Spanish NOS
Verb in egg recipes BEAT
Version of someone else's song COVER
Way a word is utilized USAGE
Where mocha beans come from YEMEN
Wide road (Abbr.) AVE
Wild cat with tufted ears LYNX
Winged being ANGEL
Word before 'sauce' or 'milk' SOY
Yes votes AYES
___ Angeles LOS
___ ed SEX