USA Today Crossword Answers – Mar 8 2020

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Clues Answers
‘Awesome!’ WAYCOOL
‘Beauty and the ___’ BEAST
‘Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!’ band ABBA
‘Immediately!’ PRONTO
‘Oh, puh-leeze!’ expression EYEROLL
‘Royals’ singer LORDE
‘Same here!’ SODOI
‘The Vampire Chronicles’ author Rice ANNE
‘The Wizard of Oz’ dog TOTO
‘The ___’ (Chloe Zhao rodeo film) RIDER
‘What happened next?’ ANDTHEN
A dromedary camel has one HUMP
Aide for an exec (Abbr.) ASST
Airport area GATE
Alleged aviators of UFOs ETS
Appliance that sucks, for short VAC
At a leisurely pace SLOWLY
Band section HORNS
Bear hibernation spot DEN
Bibliophiles BOOKLOVERS
Bowl berry ACAI
Cause of a traffic delay ROADWORK
Chantelle purchase BRA
Comparable AKIN
Competed like Allyson Felix RAN
Completely confused LOST
Contents of jewel cases CDS
Dealership document LEASE
Doesn’t defy OBEYS
Dog’s tail movements WAGS
Early August births LEOS
Egg farm residents HENS
Fitting APT
Fragrant spring blooms LILACS
Futbol fan’s cheer OLE
Go viral on Twitter TREND
Grow closer BOND
Having debts OWING
Hummus and salsa, for two DIPS
Juliet’s flame ROMEO
Like unseasoned food BLAND
Low temps TEENS
Many campus tourers (Abbr.) SRS
Oceanographer Sylvia EARLE
Pandemonium CHAOS
Person with a fan club IDOL
Pikachu or Gengar, for example POKEMON
Place for a peephole DOOR
Poem that pays homage ODE
Prepares for the future PLANS
Quite some time AGES
R&B star Lennox ARI
Raced down slopes SKIED
Response following ‘. . . and nothing but the truth?’ IDO
Shopped at the farmer’s market, say BOUGHTLOCAL
Skin soother BODYLOTION
Slider on a snow day SLED
So to speak ASITWERE
Song that might bring back memories OLDIE
Soror, e.g SIS
Spam source BOT
Speak formally ORATE
Strait-laced STAID
Tour de France mountains ALPS
Trees tapped for sap MAPLES
Unwanted stuff in a fish tank ALGAE
Vegan protein source SOY
Vibrated, perhaps RANG
Was in attendance WENT
Where driftwood washes up SHORE
Wilberforce University’s state OHIO
Window blind part SLAT
Youthful aesthetic BOYISHLOOKS
___ Against Guns (LGBTQ activist group) GAYS
___ Alamos, New Mexico LOS
___ Jima IWO
___-a-brac BRIC
___-chic (fashion style) BOHO