USA Today Crossword Answers – May 17 2022

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Clues Answers
'Business in the front, party in the back' hairstyle MULLET
'It's ___ from me' ANO
'We're all set without that' NONEED
'Wow, that's rough' OOF
'Yikes!' EEK
'___ do it!' LETS
Automated social media accounts BOTS
Available FREE
Beverage in a float SODA
Boba tea add-in ALOE
Boston Red ___ SOX
Bug that flies into lights MOTH
Capital near a fjord OSLO
Chem or bio (Abbr.) SCI
Colorful part of an eye IRIS
Come up ARISE
De-wrinkle IRON
Device in a convenience store ATM
Didn't tell the truth LIED
Distressed jeans have many RIPS
Drop of sweat BEAD
Elevate RAISE
Environmental activist Hirsi ISRA
Filipino omelets TORTAS
Food central to a 'war' between Ghana and Nigeria JOLLOFRICE
Fruit-flavored hard candy JOLLYRANCHER
Future full-time employee, perhaps INTERN
German automaker AUDI
Get better HEAL
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Govt. intelligence agency FBI
Happen afterward ENSUE
Hardly a mystery KNOWN
Hermit crab's protection SHELL
Hinged part of the skull JAW
Hole in a needle EYE
Inc. alternative LLC
Info-gathering mission RECON
Keeps apart from others ISOLATES
Key below Shift CTRL
Line on a graph AXIS
Many moons ___ AGO
Never-been-used NEW
Number of pins knocked down in a strike TEN
Opposite of remove ADD
Pea holder POD
Pirates' domains SEAS
Plant that bears tropical fruit MANGOTREE
Pleasant NICE
Prefix for 'lingual' TRI
Projectile thrown in a pub DART
Sea creatures that 'sing' WHALES
Senses FEELS
Sketch show since '75 SNL
Skin care company whose name sounds like an exclamation OLAY
Social connections INS
Sound after a 'Speak!' command ARF
Sound of a wet impact SPLAT
Sticky tree stuff SAP
Stone in some Chinese art JADE
Stories passed down by ancestors LORE
Story that might be 'tall' TALE
Thank you, in Swahili ASANTE
They hang from basketball rims NETS
Took a gulp, say DRANK
Type of ape CHIMP
Unoriginal TRITE
Uttered SAID
Weaving machine LOOM
Winner of the inaugural MLB Rookie of the Year award JACKIEROBINSON
Women's History Month MARCH
___ Grande RIO
___ Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021 JOHN
___ mater ALMA
___ Paolo, Brazil SAO