USA Today Crossword Answers – May 30 2021

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – May 30 2021. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
'Go ahead, test how serious I am' TRYME
'Just got it!' AHA
'Nova' network PBS
'Slow Clap' singer Gwen STEFANI
'Slow down!' ITSNOTARACE
'Sounds right' IBET
'What ___ supposed to do now?' AMI
'___ Parks: My Story' (1992 autobiography) ROSA
Actress ___ Maria Horsford ANNA
Adds thermal energy to HEATS
Annual San Antonio celebration FIESTA
Apparent CLEAR
Astronaut Ochoa ELLEN
Barbie Shero, e.g DOLL
Bits of light or hope RAYS
Border on ABUT
Canadian bills featuring Viola Desmond TENS
Cancel at the last minute BAIL
Capital of Idaho BOISE
Cast as a scapegoat BLAME
Catch with a rope LASSO
Chef Hall CARLA
Classical music composition SONATA
Conference discussion participant PANELIST
Deli side dish COLESLAW
Diner seating choice BOOTH
Doesn't just think about doing something ACTS
Egg farm residents HENS
Eid Salat leader IMAM
Empathetic comment ICANRELATE
Enjoys some shabu-shabu, say EATS
Far from proficient INEPT
Gradually withdraw WEAN
Heavy Olympic balls SHOTPUTS
Highest point ACME
House, in Spanish CASA
Knight's outerwear ARMOR
Long time period EON
Looks intently PEERS
Low in fat LEAN
Magnum ___ OPUS
Make a mistake ERR
Mounds made by insect colonies ANTHILLS
Ocean predator ORCA
Opposite of haram HALAL
Penny's value CENT
Pistachio or pecan NUT
Positive quality ASSET
Prefix for 'biotic' ANTI
Proud way to stand TALL
Rail vehicle TRAM
Reptile with a V-shaped snout, for short CROC
Rite overseen by a mohel BRIS
Saliva SPIT
School org PTA
Signs of skin healing SCABS
Sings wordlessly HUMS
Sleep in preschool NAP
Snake that becomes a pig if you add an R BOA
Spiritual calm INNERPEACE
Spoken exam ORAL
Steals treasures from LOOTS
Stomachs, informally TUMMIES
The Dalai ___ LAMA
Treasure holder CHEST
Tree-cutting tools AXES
Unagi or anago EEL
Vehicles in lines at airports CABS
Weasel relatives OTTERS
Website with a Buy It Now option EBAY
What an heir receives INHERITANCE
Word after 'aisle' or 'booster' SEAT
Yoked farm animals OXEN
___ it on the line LAY
___-cute (rom-com encounter) MEET