USA Today Crossword Answers – May 7 2021

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – May 7 2021. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
'Alma and How She ___ Her Name' GOT
'Assuming that's true . . .' IFSO
'Be there in a ___!' SEC
'Jack ___ could eat no fat . . .' SPRAT
'Previously on . . .' segment RECAP
'Tuna, please!' MEOW
'ur hilarious!' LOL
'What's mine is ___' YOURS
'You down?' WANTTO
'You've got some ___!' NERVE
12/24, e.g EVE
A handful of SOME
Accomplishments FEATS
Actress Richards JEN
Apple music device IPOD
Badminton do-over LET
Brazilian berry ACAI
Brewed beverage TEA
Clients' company contacts ACCOUNTREPS
Comedian Nancherla APARNA
Confidentiality document, for short NDA
Cozy reading spot NOOK
Direct a go-kart STEER
Easternmost African country SOMALIA
First name that's another first name in reverse LEON
First toy classified as an 'action figure' GIJOE
French fry dip MAYO
Fruit salad fruits KIWIS
Gal. or qt AMT
Gives shape to MOLDS
Golfer's standard PAR
Has a bite of TASTES
Have bills to pay OWE
Hearts or clubs SUIT
Ice cream options FLAVORS
KerPlunk piece STICK
Lago de Chapala contents AGUA
Main squeeze BAE
Midday NOON
Mine and 12-Across OURS
Nail polish brand with punny colors OPI
Out-loud exam ORAL
Outlaw BAN
Pen alternative PENCIL
Perform like Mykki Blanco RAP
Person looking for software bugs BETATESTER
Ping-___ PONG
Popular fall flavor PUMPKIN
Prefix for 'friendly' ECO
Queries ASKS
Rack up a phone bill, say GAB
Reggae precursor SKA
Reverse UNDO
Rhyming food from a vendor STREETMEAT
Rhyming step-counter FITBIT
Sepak takraw divider NET
Some 'Conjunction Junction' words ANDS
Some breads RYES
Stopovers for travelers INNS
Storytelling-through-verse genre NARRATIVEPOETRY
Street art that covers public fixtures with knitted works YARNBOMBING
Sunblock letters SPF
Surface for a warrior pose YOGAMAT
Susan who voiced Meg in 'Hercules' EGAN
Take another turn GOAGAIN
The hare, in 'The Tortoise and the Hare' LOSER
Theater supporters PATRONS
Time period ERA
Trivia night venue PUB
Unpleasant people SNOTS
Vending machine bill ONE
Very cold FRIGID
Violent Greek god ARES
Where theater performers perform ONSTAGE
Word before 'Bear' or 'Smurf' PAPA
___ Te Ching TAO