USA Today Crossword Answers – Nov 27 2022

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Clues Answers
'. . . sorta' ISH
'Beezus and Ramona' novelist BEVERLYCLEARY
'Frankenstein' author MARYSHELLEY
'Go ahead, tear the wrapping off!' OPENIT
'Head Off & Split' poet NIKKYFINNEY
'Hello,' in Portuguese OLA
'Hoodie' singer Lennox ARI
'No harm, no ___' FOUL
'Say again?' WHAT
'Sour grapes' storyteller AESOP
'Who ___ it better?' WORE
'X-___: The Animated Series' MEN
'___-hoo!' YOO
Adorkable type GEEK
Aren't made-up EXIST
Banishment EXILE
Big coffee dispenser URN
Camel train's refuge OASIS
Camera sounds CLICKS
Candied ___ YAMS
Championship symbol PENNANT
Cone-bearing tree FIR
Copenhagen resident DANE
Cozy sweater style CHUNKYKNIT
Daikon, for example RADISH
Defrosts THAWS
Discipline with warrior poses YOGA
Droop like a worn-out cushion SAG
Experts on IRS forms CPAS
Flight takeoff stat (Abbr.) ETD
Get taller GROW
Give, like homework ASSIGN
Grain with more protein than brown rice FARRO
Great Basin people UTES
Haul into court SUE
Heats in the microwave NUKES
Horse color pattern ROAN
House for a horse STABLE
Hush-hush contract NDA
Inquires ASKS
Instruments for kids TOYPIANOS
Jade Carey's Olympic team USA
Join the big leagues GOPRO
Language with a Vientiane dialect LAO
Light beige ECRU
Light browns TANS
Louisiana cuisine CREOLE
Makes an assertion CLAIMS
Milk source COW
Nurses a sake SIPS
Oregon's 'Cherry City' SALEM
Pan for chow mein WOK
Passage for air or tears DUCT
Perimeter EDGE
Personal records BESTS
Place to hang clothes CLOSET
Places with barbell sets GYMS
Priority section for cars VIPPARKING
Privacy-violating computer programs SPYWARE
Relaxes in a tub SOAKS
Sea creatures with poisonous blood EELS
Shanghai ___ choy BOK
Shrimp paste amt TSP
Singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Snobbish sort SNOOT
Some basketball shots TWOS
Some SAT takers (Abbr.) SRS
Surprising plot developments TWISTS
Talking endlessly YAKKING
Thunder sound CLAP
Told-you-so laugh HAH
Vicinity AREA
Without, in French SANS
Wonton noodle ingredient EGG
Xie Jun's game CHESS
___ de parfum EAU
___ to the throne HEIR
___-baked potato TWICE