USA Today Crossword Answers – Nov 28 2020

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Nov 28 2020. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘Agreed!’ AMEN
‘Akeelah and the ___’ BEE
‘Anything ___ I’m forgetting?’ ELSE
‘Bonk!’ or ‘Bark!’ NOISE
‘For the First Time in Forever’ duettist ELSA
‘Gotta go fast!’ type SPEEDDEMON
‘The ___ Giant’ IRON
‘Well, golly!’ GEE
‘___ be real . . .’ LETS
‘___ the fields we go . . .’ OER
‘___ your noodle!’ USE
Alleviate EASE
Animal raced in Ecuador LLAMA
Anti-flood barrier LEVEE
Authoritarian STRICT
Basketball coach Lawson KARA
Ben’s Original alternative MINUTERICE
Big-tongued ‘Garfield’ dog ODIE
Bonfire emanation SMOKE
Came up AROSE
CBS show with a ‘Cyber’ spinoff CSI
Competed like Peggy Llewellyn RACED
Direction for this answer DOWN
Dish similar to polenta HASTYPUDDING
Expand SWELL
Face covering NIQAB
Female rabbit DOE
Final Five’s country USA
Frosted over ICY
Gambit RUSE
Garment sometimes worn over a long-sleeved shirt TEE
Greek goddess of victory NIKE
Inundate BOMBARD
Legendary figure ICON
Light-pink lipstick color CORAL
Like 3 and 5, but not 35 PRIME
Like a 45-degree angle ACUTE
Loaf made without yeast QUICKBREAD
Med. grp HMO
Mined finds ORES
My Little Pony toys, e.g DOLLS
No amateur PRO
Noodle dish with a flavor packet INSTANTRAMEN
Number of monosyllabic state names ONE
Number puzzle in a 9×9 grid SUDOKU
Oct. follower NOV
On the ocean ATSEA
One-half base times height, for a triangle AREA
Optometrist’s field EYECARE
Original thought IDEA
Par for the course NORMAL
Parts of ocean cycles TIDES
Pen lids CAPS
Perry the Platypus feature BILL
Place to jot things down NOTEPAD
Prefix for ‘bot’ or ‘tech’ NANO
Recline LIE
Requirement NEED
Small glob DAB
Spine-chilling EERIE
Super-urgent DIRE
Texting initials SMS
The second ‘O’ in YOLO ONCE
They fill up the rooms in capsule hotels BEDS
Toss out SCRAP
Twirled SPUN
Unboxes, say OPENS
Untainted PURE
Venmo alternative PAYPAL
Video game graphics measuring HP HEALTHBARS
Vowel quintet AEIOU
What tempeh can be a substitute for MEAT
Word before ‘fiction’ or after ‘mango’ PULP
Word rhymed with ‘Pants on fire’ LIAR
___ Major (constellation) URSA
___ Rangoon CRAB