USA Today Crossword Answers – Oct 2 2022

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Clues Answers
'. . . etc, etc.' ANDONANDON
'Enough already!' IGIVE
'I don't believe you!' LIAR
'I want to hear more about it' DOTELL
'I'll see what I can do, but . . .' THATSATALLORDER
'Look, I did it!' TADA
'Moving right ___ . . .' ALONG
'The Politician' actress Deutch ZOEY
4G ___ (5G predecessor) LTE
Adorable person CUTIE
Affirmative votes AYES
Alpine cottages CHALETS
Angry dog's snarl GRR
Atoms with charges IONS
Automated blog posters BOTS
Barnyard bleat BAA
Barnyard drinking spot TROUGH
Bottom of a shoe SOLE
Campus official DEAN
Catch a glimpse of SEE
Checkout staffer CLERK
Chew like a gopher GNAW
Choreography units STEPS
Colorful story TALE
Diabolical EVIL
Doctor ___ (Fantastic Four foe) DOOM
Fishing rod attachment REEL
Freaks out PANICS
Fuel for a bonfire LOG
ID needed to apply for FAFSA SSN
Initial poker stake ANTE
Island two miles east of Java BALI
It adds shine to lips GLOSS
Jolly man in red SANTA
Kitchen table mishap SPILL
Lack of hassle EASE
Lairs for raccoons DENS
Laundry amount LOAD
Like 11 and 121 ODD
Like a font with a thicker weight BOLD
Loch ___ monster NESS
Manage to find DIGUP
Manicure option GEL
MBA course ECON
Minjee Lee's sports org LPGA
Miracle-___ soil GRO
Money in a wallet CASH
Multiday, multidose medicine container PILLORGANIZER
Neglects to include OMITS
Norway's largest city OSLO
Old Nintendo console NES
Orange County's location, informally SOCAL
Overblown fanfare HYPE
Pasta often baked with three cheeses ZITI
Peaceful hand gestures VSIGNS
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Reply to 'Who's there?' ITSME
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's state OHIO
Roller coaster unit CAR
Says out loud UTTERS
Seizes suddenly GRABS
Severe weather warning sound SIREN
She/her/___ HERS
Spark-producing rocks FLINTS
Spartan Stadium school (Abbr.) MSU
Spitz breed with catlike feet AKITA
Spreadsheet unit CELL
Startled greeting OHHI
Symphony group FULLORCHESTRA
Take a nap SNOOZE
Teacher's outline LESSONPLAN
Tear forcefully RIP
Teensy amount TAD
Totally smitten INLOVE
Wear away slowly ERODE
Whole lot SLEW
Xmas, for Sissy Spacek BDAY
___-country album ALT