USA Today Crossword Answers – Oct 29 2020

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Oct 29 2020. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘Gotcha!’ AHA
‘I’ll take that as ___’ ANO
‘Sesame Street’ grouch OSCAR
‘That sticks in my ___’ CRAW
‘The nerve!’ RUDE
‘The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’ author MURIELSPARK
‘This is bad!’ OHNO
‘Um, if you say so . . .’ WELLOK
‘___ beaucoup’ MERCI
Absence of sound SILENCE
Acquire again REGAIN
Act immorally SIN
Akron’s state OHIO
Antioxidant-rich berry ACAI
At a simmer, say ONLOW
Bird that symbolizes pacifism DOVE
Cardboard discs in a ’90s fad POGS
Chewy, fruit-flavored candy STARBURST
Choose OPT
Cohesive whole UNIT
Collection SET
Congressional assistant AIDE
Coral conglomeration REEF
Country with a cedar on its flag LEBANON
Cried out like a calico MEOWED
Dance along GROOVE
Desire WANT
Destiny’s Child, e.g TRIO
Docking site WHARF
Early programmer Lovelace ADA
Electrophoresis medium or hair product GEL
Find the place of LOCATE
Form of some rabbit food PELLETS
Free stuff at expos SWAG
Freestyled or backstroked, maybe SWAM
Glacial polar mass ICECAP
Grows fond of WARMSTO
High-pitched barks YAPS
Historical period ERA
Irritate EATAT
Kiddo TOT
Let the air out of DEFLATE
Music holders stored in towers CDS
New Hampshire town with a prep school EXETER
Nonfiction film, for short DOC
One of three in a haiku LINE
Opposite of ‘adios’ HOLA
Pieces of sponcon ADS
Prefix for ‘tourism’ or ‘friendly’ ECO
Price COST
Radar dot BLIP
Refresh your knowledge BRUSHUP
Reliable choice GOTO
Reproductive cells OVA
Rhyme and synonym of ‘speck’ FLECK
Salmon that sounds like hair LOX
Sarcastic lead-in to something obvious NEWSFLASH
Secretly includes on an email BCCS
Siesta NAP
Small bit of matter ATOM
Sneaky ‘Hey!’ PSST
Spicy HOT
Strong gust GALE
Sworn enemy NEMESIS
Takes a plane FLIES
Terse CURT
The ___ Project (LGBTQ youth mental health organization) TREVOR
Thoroughfare ROAD
Tiered tower PAGODA
Trading card game based on a manga YUGIOH
Trick football play FLEAFLICKER
Urkel’s first name STEVE
Vena ___ (heart vessel) CAVA
Was in Mountain Pose, perhaps STOOD
Witnessed SEEN
___ and bust BOOM
___ Dumott Schunard (‘Rent’ character) ANGEL
___ helmet (salakot relative) PITH