USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 18 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Elementary’ network CBS
‘Grrrrr!’ IMSOMAD
‘Hostel’ director Roth ELI
‘Time flies,’ e.g ADAGE
‘___ Pete’ (Buttigieg nickname) MAYOR
Air traveler’s taboo SMOKING
Alphabet Inc., to Google PARENT
Anchovy holders TINS
Ants and gnats, e.g PESTS
BLT spread MAYO
Bummed out SAD
Candlemakers’ supplies WICKS
Chew like a squirrel GNAW
Chunks of history ERAS
Clownish sorts CARDS
Cricket need BALL
Crock-Pot part LID
Doo-wop group member BASS
Drive-thru convenience ATM
Faucet problem LEAK
Flatfish on menus LEMONSOLE
Folded snack TACO
Gambling mecca near Hong Kong MACAU
Goes it alone SOLOS
Grueling exam ORAL
Hand lotion additive ALOE
Humble reply to ‘Nice work!’ ITRY
Kinkajou, by another name HONEYBEAR
KitchenAid sister brand AMANA
Lavish spender of sorts SUGARDADDY
LeAnn with two Grammys RIMES
Letters on a steak USDA
Libya’s largest city TRIPOLI
Like Neil Young’s voice NASAL
Lions, Tigers and Bears PROS
Lipton competitor TETLEY
Market surfeit GLUT
Menzel of ‘Frozen Fever’ IDINA
Mob-dispersing weapon RIOTGUN
No-goodnik SOANDSO
Nobel Peace Center city OSLO
Noble below a marquis EARL
Place for a cinch belt WAIST
Play at full volume BLAST
Poitier who played Sir SIDNEY
Poker player’s declaration CALL
Police jacket letters SWAT
Post-shampoo conditioner CREAMRINSE
Prepares to paint PRIMES
Prison at sea BRIG
Puts to work USES
Quick to catch on APT
Replaceable joint KNEE
Rode the bench SAT
Scholarship namesake, often ALUM
Seekers of intel SPIES
Sign of spring ARIES
Slow 4-Down DRIP
Some eligible receivers ENDS
Spanish diacritical mark TILDE
Speck in the sea ISLET
Stared slack-jawed GAPED
Symbol in religious art HALO
Target’s bull’s-eye, e.g LOGO
The brainy Simpson LISA
Tomb Raider Croft LARA
Uber driver’s id GPS
Ultramarathon, e.g RACE
Unlikely to blow a gasket CALM
Variety show lineup ACTS
Way out of practice RUSTY
Where Farsi is spoken IRAN
Where javelins are hurled MEET
Witch trials setting SALEM
Without dilution NEAT
Work the soil TILL
Zippo NADA