USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 19 2020

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 19 2020. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘Are Prisons Obsolete?’ author Davis ANGELA
‘Boys ___ Flowers’ OVER
‘I’ve seen better’ MEH
‘No rush’ ICANWAIT
‘Not gonna happen!’ ASIF
‘Yee-___!’ HAW
Aching more SORER
Add to the staff HIRE
All the ___ details GORY
Alternative to throwing a coin into a fountain WISHINGONASTAR
App downloaders USERS
Bank conveniences ATMS
Biker’s invitation HOPON
Bit of reportage NEWSITEM
Bowler’s target PIN
Buckles up STRAPSIN
Bugs Bunny and Perry the Platypus, e.g TOONS
Caps Lock or Delete, e.g KEY
Cat’s ‘hand’ PAW
Clumsy person, unkindly OAF
Cookie with a Mega Stuf variety OREO
Cosmetics mogul Lauder ESTEE
Creature that’s like an onion, per ‘Shrek’ OGRE
Crying Jordan, etc MEMES
Cursive alternative PRINT
Daring venture RISK
Dean’s list stat GPA
Draws closer NEARS
Fertile area in a desert OASIS
French word before a birth name NEE
Golden ___ Bridge GATE
Happened next ENSUED
Homemade recuts of a movie FANEDITS
Judicious WISE
Jumped LEAPT
Lomo saltado pans WOKS
Looks at disdainfully SIDEEYES
Made a sound like a kitten MEWED
Made a sound like a lion ROARED
Make a sound like a dove COO
Member of the fam SIS
Minecraft explosive TNT
Monkey relative APE
More lofty HIGHER
Negative conjunction NOR
No, in Russian NYET
Omurice ingredients EGGS
Opposite of passive ACTIVE
Pale purple LILAC
Part of speech of ‘verb,’ ironically NOUN
Pool float filler AIR
Positive vote AYE
Printer inserts INKCARTRIDGES
Puzzle involving pictures and letters REBUS
Retta’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ role DONNA
Severe scolding EARFUL
Shiba ___ (dog breed) INU
Shoreline platform PIER
Sleep stage acronym REM
Slithery swimmer EEL
Solution ANSWER
Some metal items IRONWARE
Southern speech feature DRAWL
Spectacle SHOW
Sudden uptick SURGE
Three-vowel Great Lake ERIE
Tie the knot WED
Vanna White’s show WHEELOFFORTUNE
Velociraptor or apatosaurus, for short DINO
What the bottom spheres on a snowman represent BODY
What the top sphere on a snowman represents HEAD
WNBA team with a card-related name ACES
Word before ‘cake’ or ‘bath’ SPONGE
Zoomed-in map section INSET
___ Speedwagon REO