USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 23 2020

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Clues Answers
‘Eww!’ ICK
‘Good Side’ singer Phair LIZ
‘Help!’ SOS
‘Not ___ million years!’ INA
‘Snowpiercer’ channel TNT
‘Without further ___ . . .’ ADO
‘You betcha!’ SURE
Add zing to PEPUP
Aunts, in Spanish TIAS
Bathroom, in Brixton LOO
Bird with melodious trills LARK
Bottom sirloin cut TRITIP
Bus route diagram MAP
Capital where Ruby Lin was born TAIPEI
Charged particles IONS
Circles with circular toppings PEPPERONIPIZZAS
Colorado-based beer maker COORS
Comment after a fumble OOPS
Company hidden in ‘consultant’ ULTA
Contemporary of Cassatt DEGAS
Czech dance POLKA
Deals with adversity COPES
Didn’t give up KEPTON
Dog food brand ALPO
Excited about INTO
Feeling of wonder AWE
Ferrero competitor LINDT
Fight on a mat, informally RASSLE
Fish that might be mistaken for a sea snake EEL
Fresh water conveyor COPPERPIPE
Game similar to bingo KENO
Goof up ERR
Got older AGED
Help with illegal activity ABET
High-walking performer’s pole STILT
Icy celestial body COMET
Iolani Palace island OAHU
Jane who met Bertha Mason EYRE
Large barrel CASK
Liberal ___ college ARTS
Like a golden yellow mango RIPE
Like kung pao chicken SPICY
Makeout sesh at a mall, e.g PDA
Massage therapist’s supplies OILS
Morrison who wrote ‘Beloved’ TONI
Needs to pay back OWES
Netbooks, e.g PCS
One- or two-humped animal CAMEL
Pacific Northwest state OREGON
Part of a parrot BEAK
Person prone to nitpicking PEDANT
Pigeon’s call COO
Platform similar to a minbar PULPIT
Plush dog originally sold by Tonka POUNDPUPPY
Prefix meaning ‘four’ TETRA
Present-giver’s prompting OPENIT
Prohibited thing NONO
Radar screen dot BLIP
Requiring quick action URGENT
Roof sealant TAR
Server who might wear roller skates CARHOP
Singer Salonga LEA
Smog rating org EPA
Soft throw TOSS
Sound of a buzzer BZZT
Stuffed appetizers with a kick JALAPENOPOPPERS
Task JOB
Tiny opening SLIT
Tool for a spill MOP
Type ILK
Vessels used for steeping TEAPOTS
Wears away ERODES
Writer Brooke who coined the Hurston-Walker Test OBIE
Zonked out ASLEEP
___ Grande, Arizona CASA
___ off (prune) LOP
___ oxide (sunscreen ingredient) ZINC