USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 26 2020

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‘Hey you!’ whisper PSST
‘Hey, show’s back from commercial!’ ITSON
‘I’m begging you!’ PLEASE
‘Mind over matter’ obstacle PHYSICALLIMIT
‘No ___!’ (‘Don’t sweat it!’) PROB
‘Scary!’ EEK
‘The Office’ receptionist ERIN
‘The Yield’ author ___ June Winch TARA
‘This is awesome!’ WHOO
A buyer and seller converge on one AGREEDPRICE
Aide (Abbr.) ASST
Allows LETS
Alter ego of Jon Kent, in comic books SUPERBOY
Animated character, for short TOON
Australian marsupial WOMBAT
Author’s alias PENNAME
Avoid wasted minutes SAVETIME
Blasts of wind GUSTS
Board game piece PEG
Breakfast bits OATS
Bring out ELICIT
Communal areas in some dorms SHAREDBATHROOMS
Compete like Bonnie St. John SKI
Computer capacity MEMORYSPACE
Down in the dumps GLOOMY
Excite AMPUP
For free GRATIS
From Dubai, say EMIRATI
Fry quickly SAUTE
Garam ___ (South Asian spice blend) MASALA
Gets warmer HEATSUP
Gobble down more hot dogs than, e.g OUTEAT
Imposes LEVIES
In ___ shape TIPTOP
Instruction from a dentist BITE
Lake under which Garrett Morgan led a rescue in 1916 ERIE
Midterm, for example EXAM
Nonfiction movie, for short DOC
Not against FOR
Options list MENU
Palindromic sound PEEP
Pants folds PLEATS
Pictures IMAGES
Pieces of marble SLABS
Post office packet MAILER
Precise EXACT
Recipe abbreviation TSP
Rejects scornfully SPURNS
Samsung competitor NOKIA
Scorer’s count (Abbr.) PTS
Shrill barks YAPS
Shrink back RECOIL
Sick ILL
Smart ___ (know-it-all) ALECK
Some nonflowering plants FERNS
Sound before a fizz, perhaps PLOP
Soup paste MISO
Spelling-clarifying phrase ASIN
Sprang LEAPT
State that’s the title of a Maggie Rogers song ALASKA
Team buildings ARENAS
Things similar to that THELIKE
Toast type RYE
___ land (region that encompasses New York City and Philadelphia) LENAPE
___ roll (Brit’s toilet paper) LOO