USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 6 2020

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Clues Answers
‘Be serious!’ COMEON
‘Consequently . . .’ ERGO
‘Fiddling’ Roman emperor NERO
‘Good going!’ NICEONE
‘Hang ___ Your Love’ (Sade song) ONTO
‘Honey’ star Jessica ALBA
‘It matters to me’ ICARE
‘Runaway Bride’ actor Richard GERE
‘That’s unnecessary’ NONEED
‘Unfortunately, that’s true’ IMAFRAIDSO
Action director John WOO
Ambassador, e.g DIPLOMAT
Bank alternative CREDITUNION
Boathouse tool OAR
Brit’s bathroom LOO
Bureaucratic snarl REDTAPE
Couch blotch STAIN
Creamy cheese BRIE
Diving apparatuses SCUBAS
Explorer who appears in ‘Go, Diego, Go!’ DORA
Family reunion invitee AUNT
Fashion mag edited by Jessica Pels COSMO
Fed the pot ANTED
Figure out GET
Fishing stick ROD
Grains in muesli OATS
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Help commit a crime ABET
Home to most Quechua people PERU
Hosp. area ICU
Inflated self-image EGO
Irksome PESKY
Knight’s title SIR
Like a coconut that falls from its tree RIPE
Like many epic movies LONG
Linking verb ARE
Long-standing TIMEHONORED
Master of Fine ___ ARTS
Mex. neighbor USA
Model ___ Huntington-Whiteley ROSIE
Muscle quality TONE
Novelist Monica ALI
One-on-one teacher TUTOR
Pad thai ingredient LIME
Party hearty REVEL
Pays attention to HEEDS
Peak performance AGAME
Pure delight BLISS
Relaxed state EASE
Ring-shaped island ATOLL
Roulette spinner WHEEL
Savings plan option IRA
School writing assignment TERMPAPER
Search for SEEK
Ser Anzoategui’s ‘Vida’ role EDDY
Shoo-___ (sure winners) INS
Short snooze NAP
Singer Benjamin ALEC
Sister brand of Newtons OREO
Soda can feature TAB
Some frozen waffles EGGOS
Spanish for ‘father’ PADRE
Sticky note POSTIT
Texter’s ‘If you ask me . . .’ IMO
Threw in ADDED
Twangy-sounding NASAL
Whale that preys on seals ORCA
Williams-___ (cookware brand) SONOMA
Word after ‘still’ or ‘shelf’ LIFE
Workers in ambulances, for short EMTS
Zip through a book SPEEDREAD
Zitkala-Sa composed one OPERA
Zodiac lion LEO
___ of personality CULT