USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 8 2020

Daily crossword solution for the USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 8 2020. The USA Today Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
‘Didn’t I tell you?’ SEE
‘Golly!’ GEE
‘Strange . . .’ ITSODD
‘Wonder Woman’ bad guy ARES
‘Wow!’ OOH
‘You’re something ___’ ELSE
‘___ Miserables’ LES
‘___ the season to be jolly’ TIS
1965 Byrds hit TURNTURNTURN
1999 Destiny’s Child hit BILLSBILLSBILLS
Actor Chaz BONO
Airline assignment SEAT
Attempts STABS
Back area REAR
Bad roommate for a neatnik SLOB
Be a sore loser, perhaps SULK
Beginner, informally NOOB
Bioengineering target GENE
Bird on the German coat of arms EAGLE
Capital once called Christiania OSLO
Chain with a cowboy hat logo ARBYS
Christmas creatures ELVES
Counterpart of pleasure PAIN
Creepy EERIE
Cute river animal OTTER
Debtor’s letters IOU
Desirable group of guests ALIST
Dinghy, dory or dhow BOAT
Double-reed instrument OBOE
End of 55-Down’s URL GOV
Fluid that can be donated BLOOD
Football scores, for short TDS
Get out of bed RISE
Gives a hand to AIDS
Graffiti artists’ signatures TAGS
Have a dispute ARGUE
Hide and ___ SEEK
Hoops star Ming YAO
Legally invalid NULL
Line heard by the audience but not by other characters ASIDE
Liquidized substance PUREE
Long, long story SAGA
Long-handled gardening tool HOE
Map within a map INSET
Marinara sauce ingredients TOMATOES
Move smoothly GLIDE
Not ‘for here’ TOGO
Not difficult EASY
Not feeling so hot ILL
Officiant at a Jewish wedding RABBI
One of the states of matter GAS
Option on an edit menu UNDO
Palindromic fella BUB
Part to play ROLE
Plane’s overhead storage location BIN
Prefix akin to ‘super’ UBER
Prejudice BIAS
Religion with five pillars ISLAM
Requirement to visit some countries VISA
Rhyme or ___ REASON
Second half of a musical, often ACTII
Sets on the attack SICS
Singer Turner TINA
Singers lower than sopranos ALTOS
Snatches up GRABS
Spa garment BATHROBE
Space shuttle grp NASA
Staples Center, for the L.A. Sparks ARENA
Stir up ROIL
Taking testosterone, for short ONT
Tall, in Spanish ALTA
Thick slice SLAB
Trojan War epic ILIAD
Undesirable picnic ‘guests’ ANTS
Wine, in Italian VINO
Word of greeting HELLO
Word of obligation OUGHT
Yellowfin tuna AHI