USA Today Crossword Answers – Sep 8 2022

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Clues Answers
'Be quiet!' SHH
'Ew, I've heard enough!' TMI
'Gimme one moment' INASEC
'Greaaat . . .' OHFUN
'However . . .' YET
'I see now!' AHH
'I'll have what ___ having' SHES
'Spidey and ___ Amazing Friends' HIS
'Turning Red' protagonist MEI
'You and me both!' DITTO
'___ Man' (Village People hit) MACHO
'___ were the days' THOSE
A, in French UNE
Able to be heard AUDIBLE
Anagram of 20-Across DECAF
Anagram of 40-Across MOCHA
Anagram of 55-Across CORTADO
Apple virtual assistant SIRI
Arcade game with falling blocks TETRIS
Attila the ___ HUN
Breakfast bowlful MUESLI
Card worth one or 11 in blackjack ACE
Cartoonist Olive ___ Brinker RAE
Chihuahua sound YAP
Collection on a bed STUFFEDANIMALS
Cuts into small cubes DICES
Donna Summer genre DISCO
Either blank in the common internet search 'how to ___ a ___' TIE
El ___, Texas PASO
English class assignment ESSAY
Extinct birds DODOS
Feel sore ACHE
Finder's ___ FEE
Flaky dessert base PIECRUST
Flap for Whiskers CATDOOR
Focus of a relief fund CRISIS
For each PER
Gender expression label MASC
Getting groceries is one ERRAND
Head gesture NOD
Like lemon juice ACIDIC
Little troublemaker IMP
Mi'kmaq activist Palmater PAM
Nevada city RENO
Online birthday greeting ECARD
Palindromic principle TENET
Part of an ice skate BLADE
Play a character ACT
Point toward AIMAT
Prefix for 'girl' or 'boy' DEMI
Prefix that's 36-Down minus a letter ECO
Pro hoops league NBA
Put things into FILL
Questionable IFFY
Rainbow ___ ('My Little Pony' character) DASH
Retail chain that owns PupBox PETCO
Reverberating sound ECHO
Rhyming activity tracker FITBIT
Salon treatment MANICURE
Sax range ALTO
Sewing material THREAD
Should the need ___ ARISE
Shout from the slide WHEE
Sign of boredom YAWN
Smart ___ (know-it-all) ALEC
Soak through PERMEATE
Social grace TACT
State again REAFFIRM
Tempo PACE
Thor's father ODIN
Timid SHY
Turned toward FACED
Uncritically enthusiastic RAHRAH
Window piece PANE
___ Wafers (candy) NECCO