Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 22 2020 – Coaching Advice From Captain Obvious

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 22 2020 – Coaching Advice From Captain Obvious. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 22 2020 – Coaching Advice From Captain Obvious divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Bird sacred to Thoth IBIS
5 Street urchins WAIFS
10 Flight segment STAIR
15 Snare TRAP
19 Girl’s name meaning “ninth” NONA
20 Sunny hotel areas ATRIA
21 Banned TABOO
22 Tortoise’s rival HARE
23 Wry words of wisdom…from a hurdles coach GOABOVEANDBEYOND
26 Beehive State tribe UTES
27 Shout at the end of a virtuoso performance ENCORE
28 Org. for seniors AARP
29 White-furred weasel ERMINE
31 Like some medicines and stocks: Abbr. OTC
32 …from a crew coach DONTROCKTHEBOAT
37 Barack gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013 OPRAH
39 Happy housemate DOC
40 Sleep disturbers NOISES
41 Org. for retirees SSA
42 …from a sport climbing coach HANGINTHERE
46 Leonidas’s kingdom SPARTA
48 Big seller of suits SPEEDO
49 Absorb SOPUP
51 Dispensary fill DRUGS
54 Crew needs OARS
55 Move up and down BOB
58 Cars with Supercharging credits TESLAS
61 It became a state in 1890 IDAHO
63 Late tourney round SEMI
64 Two-time Latin Pop Grammy winner Jon SECADA
65 River to the Gulf of Guinea NIGER
66 With 71-Across, …from a soccer coach VISUALIZE
71 See 66-Across YOURGOALS
73 Muscat native OMANI
74 Jackson Hole backdrop TETONS
78 Abbrs. on old vitamin bottles RDAS
79 Schlep from car to kitchen LUGIN
80 Earbuds effect STEREO
81 Tip for writers? NIB
82 Wrap for a rani SARI
86 Annie of “Designing Women” POTTS
88 Check a check, say READD
90 “No way, man…” AWCMON
92 Leader at a powwow SHAMAN
95 …from a pole vault coach RAISETHEBAR
98 Hip-hop wordsmiths MCS
101 At some time in the future ONEDAY
103 Butt RAM
104 “Spirited Away” genre ANIME
105 …from a hammer throw coach YOUGOTTALETITGO
109 Flight segment LEG
110 It became a state in 1864 NEVADA
111 Giant in electronic goods SONY
112 Follower of Ignatius of Loyola JESUIT
115 Driver on movie sets ADAM
116 …from a water polo coach HOLDYOURHEADHIGH
122 Take on HIRE
123 In isolation ALONE
124 Impertinent SAUCY
125 Platte River people OTOE
126 Recipe instruction STIR
127 It became a state in 1845 TEXAS
128 Character of a people ETHOS
129 Firebug PYRO


Number Clues Answers
1 “Bus Stop” writer INGE
2 Godsend BOON
3 Where nobody puts Baby, according to Johnny INACORNER
4 Deliberately impairs SABOTAGES
5 Grand move in the grandstands WAVE
6 Took down ATE
7 Savings option IRA
8 Budgeting consideration FINANCES
9 Peace Prize winner from Egypt SADAT
10 Squash like a bug STEPON
11 Scotland’s longest river TAY
12 Blood type system ABO
13 + or – particle ION
14 Kept a check (on) RODEHERD
15 Opposable digit THUMB
16 Numerical comparisons RATIOS
17 Big event sites ARENAS
18 Old Spanish currency PESETA
24 Corsage flower ORCHID
25 “Turn up the heat!” BRR
30 Fixes a hole in a tennis racket RESTRINGS
32 Banned insecticide DDT
33 Sound accompanying widened eyes OOH
34 Comic-Con dress-up COSPLAY
35 Laotian money KIP
36 Airport screening org. TSA
37 Very OHSO
38 Mama’s mate PAPA
43 Element 102 is named for him NOBEL
44 Decays ROTS
45 Foil alternative EPEE
47 What a mute button mutes AUDIO
50 Alma mater of the WNBA’s Lisa Leslie USC
52 Lady with 11 Grammys GAGA
53 Children’s author Silverstein SHEL
56 Leaves out OMITS
57 “Carmen” composer BIZET
59 Decorate ADORN
60 Riyadh resident SAUDI
62 Sites for C-sections ORS
63 Mother Teresa’s most blessed achievement SAINTHOOD
66 Button on many remotes VOL
67 “That’s my cue!” IMUP
68 Starch-yielding palm SAGO
69 Army groups UNITS
70 Ceaseless ETERNAL
72 Morocco’s capital RABAT
75 Mine matter ORE
76 Approach NEAR
77 Scotch partner SODA
82 Producer of props SCENESHOP
83 Quality of oracular answers, often AMBIGUITY
84 Move about ROAM
85 About INRE
87 Topper for a seasonal worker SANTAHAT
89 Singer, of a sort DIRTYRAT
91 Emulated Ahab WHALED
93 Bumped into MET
94 Lovelace of early computing ADA
96 Droop SAG
97 Moody genre EMO
98 Talkative birds MYNAHS
99 Share magazine billing COEDIT
100 Mena of “American Beauty” SUVARI
102 Impatient acknowledgment YESYES
106 Fortnite fanatic GAMER
107 As well TOO
108 Occupied INUSE
112 Crows’ cousins JAYS
113 Assistant who had quite a hunch IGOR
114 James of the “Divergent” films THEO
117 Soccer stadium cheer OLE
118 Smoked topper LOX
119 It’s twisted in cells DNA
120 “Well, I didn’t expect that!” HUH
121 Author Umberto ECO