Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 24 2019 – What’s Cool?

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – August 24 2019 – What’s Cool?. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
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Number Clues Answers
1 Delta-Foxtrot go-between ECHO
5 Party registration? RSVP
9 N. modifier ADJ
12 Black Sea port ODESSA
18 Ashcan School painter John French ___ SLOAN
19 Wheeling’s river OHIO
20 It’s easy, so they say PIE
21 Settings of some morning art LATTES
22 “Cool substitute!” said the 1960s bohemian HIPREPLACEMENT
25 Devoted spouse’s words IMHERS
26 It stuffs you up HEADCOLD
27 Period between cause and effect TIMELAG
29 Rachel Weisz’s role in “The Mummy” EVIE
30 Grammer of “Frasier” KELSEY
32 “Cool turn!” said the surfer RADICALLEFT
34 8-Down who wrote “The Flea” DONNE
36 Yemen port ADEN
38 In shape TRIM
39 Repository DEPOT
40 Howling winds GALES
42 “Cool sonnet!” said the gamer EPICVERSE
47 “Tess of the d’Urbervilles” libertine ALEC
48 Recurring theme MOTIF
49 Largest New Deal agcy. WPA
50 Official messenger HERALD
51 “Cool departure!” said the millennial SICKLEAVE
53 Put together GROUP
55 Collectible strings STRAD
56 Makeup for Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins” SOOT
57 Infallible authority ORACLE
58 Carby tubes ZITI
59 “Secrets of the Dead” network PBS
62 “Cool blanks!” said the Gen Xer SWEETNOTHINGS
67 Going by in the past NEE
68 “Columbo” org. LAPD
70 Language in which Gandalf is called Mithrandir ELVISH
71 Haydn sobriquet PAPA
73 It’s set nightly ALARM
75 Bygone Mauritius dwellers DODOS
76 “Cool monster!” said the yuppie NEATFREAK
81 Vegetarian’s request NOMEAT
83 Harsh review PAN
84 Botox may be used on them JOWLS
85 These words CLUE
86 “Cool wool!” said the beatnik BOSSTWEED
88 Notorious motel name BATES
89 Like Eric Rohmer movies TALKY
90 Leith lass, e.g. SCOT
91 Org. with many boomers AARP
92 Transformative king MIDAS
93 “Cool beginnings!” said the ’90s rapper FRESHSTARTS
98 1987 role for De Niro CAPONE
101 Wood strip LATH
102 “I went here” marker PUSHPIN
104 “When Can I See You” singer BABYFACE
108 Available, as a London taxi ONHIRE
110 “Cool reflex!” said the skateboarder KILLERINSTINCT
112 Old markets AGORAE
113 ___ rampage ONA
114 Uncouth RUDE
115 Ticked off IRKED
116 Like students at the end of the semester TESTED
117 “30 Rock” star FEY
118 Monopoly card DEED
119 Honeyed drink MEAD


Number Clues Answers
1 Writer Wiesel ELIE
2 Classic nightclub, familiarly COPA
3 School on the street HARDKNOCKS
4 The smallest change? ONECENT
5 Begins a turn ROLLS
6 Ghostly spirit SHADE
7 Corpse, to cop show cops VIC
8 34-Across, e.g. POET
9 Pithecanthropus, literally APEMAN
10 Took some courses DINED
11 “Hero” hero JETLI
12 Sanctions target OLIGARCH
13 Hoover, e.g. DAM
14 Lucy Ricardo’s sidekick ETHELMERTZ
15 Comic Harvey STEVE
16 Letter addition SERIF
17 Capital or charm, for example ASSET
18 “Quiet!” SHH
23 Flag supporter POLE
24 Swamps MIRES
28 Elphaba sings “Defying Gravity” at the end of it ACTI
31 Bulldog backer YALIE
33 Gaming allotment LIVES
34 Supermarket section DELI
35 Qatar exited it in 2019 OPEC
37 Word before Leppard or Jam DEF
39 Austrian article DAS
40 Like Lenin GOATEED
41 Off-roader, briefly ATV
42 Period EPOCH
43 St. ___ Girl (German beer) PAULI
44 Eager (to go) RARIN
45 Primary choices SLATE
46 Redmayne of “The Theory of Everything” EDDIE
48 Balinese complaint MEOW
49 One of the deadly sins WRATH
52 Argentine article LOS
53 “I don’t want to look at that!” GROSS
54 Friends who aren’t close PENPALS
57 Gibson feature ONION
59 Backup option PLANB
60 Extoller of “the bare necessities” BALOO
61 Overuses a mailing list, say SPAMS
63 Go straight to the courthouse, perhaps ELOPE
64 Andy Taylor or Ben Cartwright, e.g. TVDAD
65 Heaters GATS
66 Protection rating SPF
69 It may be topped by a tie DRESSSHIRT
72 “Reflektor” band ARCADEFIRE
74 Item torn out of a book MATCH
76 Insensitive, in a way NOTPC
77 Wool source EWE
78 Civil rights leader Baker ELLA
79 Birds with coastal colonies AUKS
80 Critical KEY
82 Like a basic bike TWOSPEED
84 Cookie container JAR
87 Accusatory words ETTU
88 Cooking herb BASIL
89 Literary personification of British class issues TINYTIM
91 Gamboling ATPLAY
92 Rowdy crowds MOBS
93 Shake alternative FLOAT
94 Grazing region RANGE
95 Community spirit ETHOS
96 Expect from ASKOF
97 Cologne water RHINE
99 Bear ABIDE
100 Like windows and sheets of stamps PANED
103 In-crowd outsider NERD
105 “Puppy Love” artist ANKA
106 Included indirectly CCED
107 Airport abbr. ETD
109 Rap duo ___ Sremmurd RAE
111 Reproach oneself for RUE