Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 05 2020 – Fallback Positions

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 05 2020 – Fallback Positions. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 05 2020 – Fallback Positions divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Canine command SIT
4 “Majas on a Balcony” painter GOYA
8 Sufficient AMPLE
13 Take out, as wine bottles UNCASE
19 Akkadian god of heaven ANU
20 P-shaped letters RHOS
21 Sanders in the Pro Football Hall of Fame DEION
22 Bygone indigestion medicine MAALOX
23 Was on the ticket RAN
24 Burden ONUS
25 “We’ve had some sex…uh…setbacks,” for example FREUDIANSLIP
27 Inventive sort CREATOR
29 Reaction to a rodent EEK
30 “Me too” SAMEHERE
31 Not to be missed AMUST
32 Attorney general under Ronald Reagan EDMEESE
36 Trifling quibble NIT
37 Japanese capital YEN
38 Second-rate second effort SOPHOMORESLUMP
41 Stunned, in a way TASED
43 Address for Ryan, but not Pelosi MRSPEAKER
47 Verizon Fios, for one ISP
48 Unlikely risk taker WIMP
51 Forest female DOE
52 1521 stop for Magellan GUAM
56 Summer hrs. in St. Louis CDT
58 Dip that’s bitter? POLARBEARPLUNGE
62 Jessica of “Zero Dark Thirty” CHASTAIN
65 Wood for Harry Potter’s wand HOLLY
66 Not so demanding EASIER
67 Bale for Bossy HAY
68 Royal symbol of Egypt ASP
69 Vietnamese capital HANOI
70 Londoner’s letter ZED
71 Chihuahua, e.g. TOY
72 Earns a timeout, say ACTSUP
74 Kidnapper, e.g. FELON
75 Write reminisences, say MISSPELL
77 Black Friday motto SHOPTILLYOUDROP
80 You might trip on it LSD
81 Hand, in Honduras MANO
82 Stephen of “V for Vendetta” REA
83 Require NEED
84 Club with clubs: Abbr. PGA
86 What to say to avoid a mate IRESIGN
90 Having homes in Los Angeles and New York BICOASTAL
95 Mosey AMBLE
98 Boisterously competitive ROUGHANDTUMBLE
101 Sheet with Disney characters on it, say CEL
102 Magic and Wizards org. NBA
105 Morally bound OBLIGED
106 Timeline points DATES
107 Beside oneself INASTATE
110 Hosp. areas ORS
111 Confident players at the card table RAISERS
113 Do as freegans do DUMPSTERDIVE
116 Triathlon requirement BIKE
117 Sault ___ Marie STE
118 Conceive IDEATE
119 Fortnite player, e.g. GAMER
120 Dollar competitor AVIS
121 Toe total TEN
122 Sagan series COSMOS
123 Freshener targets ODORS
124 Wedding reception site, at times TENT
125 1960s college protest grp. SDS


Number Clues Answers
1 It may not come across online SARCASM
2 Mailed? INARMOR
3 Mechanic’s jobs TUNEUPS
4 Small caverns GROTTOES
5 “I’m so sorry to hear that!” OHNO
6 Comforting response to a youngster’s boo-boo YOUREOK
7 Horse’s cousin ASS
8 Millions, for Super Bowl spots ADFEES
9 Germany’s first female chancellor MERKEL
10 Bakery buy PIE
11 Singer Rawls LOU
12 Goals ENDS
13 Savory quality UMAMI
14 Fashion designer Lepore NANETTE
15 Checkout choice CASH
16 Places you’ll see balls and strikes ALLEYS
17 Fancy affair SOIREE
18 Use up EXPEND
26 Crime fiction author Rankin IAN
28 Fireplace receptacles ASHPITS
29 Chef who likes to kick it up a notch EMERIL
33 Made use of, as experience DREWON
34 Have a late meal SUP
35 Moody music EMO
39 Sightseeing aid MAP
40 March 14 celebration PIDAY
42 Hundred-eyed monster of myth ARGUS
45 One of three in a postal creed NOR
46 “Dances With Wolves” abodes TEPEES
49 Thanks, in Hawaii MAHALO
50 This or that PRONOUN
53 Brings together UNITES
54 Well-established AGEOLD
55 Clint’s co-star in “The Bridges of Madison County” MERYL
56 Mambo cousin CHACHA
57 City near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base DAYTON
58 Orange seed PIP
59 One who’s gone platinum BLONDE
60 Quarterback Manning ELI
61 Young fellows LADS
62 Deep divide CHASM
63 Lacking give TAUT
64 Have lofty goals ASPIRE
69 “How dare you!” HEY
70 Nada ZIP
73 Overindulge SPOIL
74 Pizzazz FLAIR
75 Matthew of “Full Metal Jacket” MODINE
76 Some flat-screen TVs PLASMAS
78 French article LES
79 Responds to a broken grocery sack REBAGS
84 Joint stock? POT
85 Least drab GAUDIEST
87 Enters a lease with RENTSTO
88 Slimy gunk GOO
89 Worn-down pencil NUB
91 Part of some PCs CDDRIVE
92 They’re administered on forearms TBTESTS
93 Tipped off ALERTED
94 Reduces LESSENS
95 Like citrus juices ACIDIC
96 Boy band from Puerto Rico MENUDO
97 Holds responsible BLAMES
99 Donald of “Atlanta” GLOVER
100 Personnel directors, e.g. HIRERS
103 Maine college BATES
104 Put away ATE
108 Annoying email SPAM
109 Start of a conclusion ERGO
112 Related AKIN
114 Pop DAD
115 “FWIW, here’s what I think…” IMO
116 Bunting tool BAT