Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 18 2020 – Singular Songsters

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 18 2020 – Singular Songsters. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 18 2020 – Singular Songsters divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Where the College World Series is played OMAHA
6 Not truant INCLASS
13 Speeder’s undoing RADAR
18 Like a grandfather clock ANALOG
19 Painter’s tool SCRAPER
20 Reserved DEMURE
21 Irish brew REDALE
22 Advocates for a U2 singer? PROBONOLAWYERS
24 Mariano Rivera and others CLOSERS
26 Blood type abbr. NEG
27 Aid for online shoppers EWALLET
28 Coy communications WINKS
29 Amused a colorful pop-rock singer? TICKLEDPINK
34 Some GPS lines STS
35 Sicilian spouter ETNA
36 Faith based in Haifa BAHAI
37 Big foot indication EEE
38 Market-overseeing org. SEC
40 Cow-feteria? LEA
41 Least cockamamie SANEST
42 Hero’s tale SAGA
44 Twenties providers ATMS
48 Treats for a Canadian rapper? DRAKESCAKES
51 Bag bearer BELLHOP
54 More fastidious NEATER
55 Sushi side EDAMAME
59 Moody music EMO
60 As of now TODATE
62 Stars of the publishing world ASTERISKS
64 LBJ beagle HER
65 Basics ABCS
66 Support a Guns N’ Roses guitarist? BACKSLASH
68 Bop on the bean CONK
69 Princely initials HRH
70 Make it into the Hot 100 SCOREAHIT
72 Out-of-the-park homers, e.g. CLOUTS
74 Junior’s junior III
75 Enthusiastically gonna EAGERTO
76 Gymnastics feats VAULTS
78 Forceful TELLING
80 Taught exercises to a soulful singer? TRAINEDSEAL
85 Dr. Jones, to his friends INDY
86 Tag info SIZE
90 Saudi neighbors OMANIS
91 Poetic paean ODE
92 Approx. fig. EST
95 Flock member RAM
96 Wooden projection TENON
97 Corp. money managers CFOS
98 Insult DIS
101 None-too-generous R&B singer? CHEAPBRANDY
104 Diner choices SOUPS
105 Very upset INTEARS
107 Go bad ROT
108 Reacts to a drill sergeant’s order SNAPSTO
110 Medical procedure for the Police’s lead singer? STINGOPERATION
115 Pollen-bearing part ANTHER
116 Businessman for whom Kmart is named KRESGE
117 “Great retort!” NICEONE
118 Stock units STEERS
119 Wise guys SAGES
120 Fails to DOESNOT
121 München misters HERRS


Number Clues Answers
1 Soda bottle capacity ONELITER
2 The Material Girl and Lourdes? MADONNAANDCHILD
3 Its motto is “North to the Future” ALASKA
4 Weaknesses in an argument HOLES
5 Stress, e.g. AGER
6 Access co. ISP
7 Major maker of 44-Across NCR
8 His tag line was “And that’s the way it is” CRONKITE
9 Fashion name LABEL
10 Orbital extremes APOGEES
11 D.C. debater SEN
12 Good sign for producers SRO
13 Rouse again REWAKE
14 Pentane derivative AMYL
15 Fights that take seconds DUELS
16 Word on a Paris stop sign ARRET
17 Takes ten RESTS
18 Do some metalwork ARCWELD
20 Early times DAWNS
23 Lanai loop LEI
25 Batting coach concern STANCE
30 “Rumor has it…” IHEAR
31 Wine holder CASK
32 Justice Dept. branch DEA
33 Something to hang your hat on PEG
36 Moisten while roasting BASTE
39 “East of Eden” brother CAL
41 Candidate’s goal SEAT
43 Cause to blush ABASH
45 Where an R&B singer lives? THEHOUSEOFUSHER
46 Brief time MOMENT
47 Hybrid utensils SPORKS
49 New Zealand parrots KEAS
50 Bob Cousy specialty SETSHOT
52 Longtime 11-Down from Mass. EMK
53 Guitar legend Paul LES
56 Pastrami purveyor DELI
57 Smell ___ (detect wrongdoing) ARAT
58 Grafton’s “___ for Malice” MIS
60 Papeete’s place TAHITI
61 Comedic Conan OBRIEN
62 Taiwanese PC maker ACER
63 Pinochle cousin SKAT
66 Hall of Famer Wade BOGGS
67 Equal ARE
68 Barracks array COTS
70 Six, in Sicilia SEI
71 Fire CAN
72 Bring up to speed CUEIN
73 Degs. for attys. LLDS
76 Food item VIAND
77 Rubs the wrong way ANNOYS
79 Caustic chemical LYE
81 It’s going around ROTATION
82 “Ain’t that the truth!” AMEN
83 Some new parents ADOPTERS
84 Landlords LESSORS
87 403(b) cousin IRA
88 Use a taser on ZAP
89 Accept, as a policy EMBRACE
93 “Lowdown” singer Boz SCAGGS
94 Paroxysm THROE
97 Apache or Comanche COPTER
98 Frisbees, e.g. DISKS
99 Start for muscular or mural INTRA
100 Swedish author Larsson STIEG
102 Medium skill ESP
103 Dull drills ROTES
104 Health, to un docteur SANTE
106 “___ petit placidam sub libertate quietem” (Massachusetts motto) ENSE
109 “The cow is of the bovine ilk” poet NASH
111 Put the kibosh on END
112 Brazilian resort RIO
113 Lennon’s love ONO
114 Court divider NET