Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 18 2022 – Camera Angles

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 18 2022 – Camera Angles. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 18 2022 – Camera Angles divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Opera’s Frederica von Stade, e.g. MEZZO
6 Home for a hog STY
9 Fruits from palms DATES
14 “That’s ___ off my mind” ALOAD
15 Is for you? ARE
16 “You get a car, and you get a car!” speaker OPRAH
17 Weavers’ contraptions LOOMS
18 Big tub VAT
19 Capital of Tibet LHASA
20 Roost for a raven LIMB
21 Winter mo. DEC
22 Did a deli job SLICED
23 Where Lola was a showgirl, in a song COPA
25 Long-horned grasshoppers KATYDIDS
27 “Liliom” playwright Ferenc MOLNAR
29 Stack-serving restaurants IHOPS
30 Broadway legend Stritch ELAINE
31 County with many vintners NAPA
32 Rap mogul, to friends DRE
35 Thompson of “Westworld” TESSA
36 Moscow-based spy org. KGB
37 Second airing RERUN
39 Panicked transmission SOS
40 Diner on TV’s “Alice” MELS
42 Maximally ATMOST
43 Attempt to discredit REBUT
44 Barrel builder COOPER
45 Wide view PANORAMA
48 Pantry pests ANTS
49 Insert, as a movie scene EDITIN
50 “That’s YOUR business!” TMI
52 “If ___ my druthers…” IHAD
55 Quite harmful TOXIC
56 Quiche, essentially PIE
57 Place for l’éducation ECOLE
58 Sports spot ARENA
59 Feverish HOT
60 Boarded GOTON
61 Acted the usher LEDIN
62 Any number divided by itself ONE
63 Commencement ONSET


Number Clues Answers
1 Buyer be where? MALL
2 “The Time Machine” race ELOI
3 Computer training? ZOOMCLASS
4 Ice machines? ZAMBONIS
5 Needs Narcan, for short ODS
6 Reliever’s objective SAVE
7 Spacecraft observation base TRACKINGSTATION
8 Still YET
9 Singer with a theme park DOLLYPARTON
10 Rose garden pests APHIDS
11 R&B singer Braxton TRACI
12 Made less strenuous EASED
13 Subfamily of herrings SHADS
21 “Go ahead, make my day,” e.g. DARE
22 Bring to a close STOP
24 First to fly the Boeing 707 PANAMERICAN
26 Pequod captain AHAB
27 Citi Field team METS
28 Margarine OLEO
32 Tricky tennis returns, and a hint to the starts of 3-, 7-, 9- and 24-Down DROPSHOTS
33 Duplicitous scheme RUSE
34 ___’acte ENTR
36 Model Heidi KLUM
38 :-I, for example EMOTICON
41 Israel’s Abba EBAN
42 Health drink berry ACAI
43 Twisty pasta ROTINI
45 Bit of potpourri PETAL
46 Love to pieces ADORE
47 Vetoed NIXED
51 Dole (out) METE
53 Ointment ingredient ALOE
54 Car scar DENT
56 Aromatic Asian soup PHO
57 Sense of self EGO