Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 25 2020 – Cutting Both Ways

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 25 2020 – Cutting Both Ways. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – January 25 2020 – Cutting Both Ways divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Prepare for the stage ADAPT
6 It might contain bugs BETA
10 Throws over JILTS
15 Botch FLUB
19 Green energy choice SOLAR
20 Supermodel Sastre INES
21 Heartland of America Park setting OMAHA
22 Rub the wrong way RILE
23 *“We’re with you!”? ALLYINGCRY
25 Bottled spirits? GENII
26 Alexei Alexandrovich Karenin’s wife ANNA
27 Jumbled mess HEAP
28 Put on a pedestal ADORED
30 Port at the mouth of the Red Sea ADEN
31 Salty drop TEAR
32 Some have pet names IDTAGS
34 *“The Beverly Hillbillies” reunion show? RETURNOFTHEJED
37 Litigious threat ILLSUE
39 Picnic hamperer RAIN
40 Home of many Quechua speakers PERU
41 Charged particle ION
43 Tool with a blade OAR
44 Opposite of après AVANT
46 Kettles of film, e.g. MAANDPA
49 *Persian trafficker’s crime? RUGSMUGGLING
52 Lodgings for vacationers COTTAGES
53 Man, e.g. ISLE
54 Undulating swimmers EELS
55 “Manhattan Beach” author Jennifer EGAN
57 Part of a wintry mix SLEET
58 Court figure, briefly STENOG
61 Drudgery MOIL
63 Missouri tributary OSAGE
65 Enjoy a run SKI
70 Crunch targets ABS
73 Russian flapjacks BLINI
74 ___-a-brac BRIC
75 Has noodles noisily SLURPS
79 “Pagliacci” fool TONIO
81 Stand-up stock BITS
83 Chimp in space ENOS
85 Tofu source SOYA
86 Goethite and magnetite IRONORES
88 *England’s outcome at the Battle of Agincourt? ARROWVICTORY
92 Like saws TOOTHED
93 Powerful piece QUEEN
94 Angsty music EMO
95 Yr. divisions MOS
96 National park of southwest Utah ZION
97 Autobahn auto AUDI
98 Winter transport SNOCAT
100 *Colorado cousins? THEMOUNTAINKIN
105 City east of Los Angeles POMONA
108 Nadal, to fans RAFA
109 Cartoonist Walker MORT
110 Swift specialty SATIRE
112 Stars’ problems, perhaps EGOS
113 Sarcastic response IBET
114 Spoiled sorts BRATS
116 Jockey’s tool, or a description of what’s been done to the starred answers RIDINGCROP
118 Alternative introducer ELSE
119 Some oil barons EMIRS
120 Place before a dot ONES
121 You might get called on it PHONE
122 Hurdles for srs. SATS
123 Blathered RANON
124 Caper LARK
125 Ninja turtles’ home SEWER


Number Clues Answers
1 Kirin competitor ASAHI
2 Parceled DOLED
3 Covered in goose bumps ALLATINGLE
4 Venmo’s parent company PAYPAL
5 Three-headed? TRI
6 Stars’ city, informally BIGD
7 Audience shout ENCORE
8 ___ Haute TERRE
9 To date ASYET
10 Enjoy a run JOG
11 “Don’t test me!” IMEANIT
12 Michael who appeared on the cover of TV Guide 22 times LANDON
13 Lift operator? THIEF
14 March honoree, familiarly SAINTPAT
15 Not identical FRATERNAL
16 Court figures LINEJUDGES
17 Arm bones ULNAE
18 Trimmer target BEARD
24 Capital once known as Charles Town NASSAU
29 Boxer Roberto DURAN
33 Attach (onto) GLOM
35 Sweep RANGE
36 Make airtight, in a way HEATSEAL
38 Hankering URGE
41 Pupil’s spot IRIS
42 Depose OUST
44 Every last piece ALLOFIT
45 Call on VISIT
46 Singer Janelle MONAE
47 Spoil a surprise, perhaps PEEK
48 Sparkling wine ASTI
50 Package tracking status SENT
51 They’re delivered in spring GEMINIS
52 Dependable moneymaker CASHCOW
56 Joined GOTINON
59 “Stop your sniveling!” OHBOOHOO
60 Makeup of some insoles GEL
62 High ball? LOB
64 MLB honchos GMS
67 Mocked GIBED
68 Brother, in Bretagne FRERE
69 Vane turner GUST
70 Bickering ATIT
71 The Bronx or Brooklyn, informally BORO
72 Dull doings SNOOZEFEST
76 What kid’s shoes should have ROOMTOGROW
77 Lighting specialist? PYRO
78 Declares SAYS
80 Bosom buddies INTIMATES
82 Riyal spender SAUDI
84 “Frozen” deer SVEN
87 Fix the footnotes, e.g. RENUMBER
89 Tack part REINS
90 “Pass me the ball!” IMOPEN
91 Pixar film set during the Day of the Dead COCO
93 Due doubled QUATTRO
97 Duke’s transport? ATRAIN
98 Duke of the Dodgers SNIDER
99 “Cocoon” co-star AMECHE
100 Rugby scores TRIES
101 “Se ___ español” HABLA
102 Bellini opera NORMA
103 Pope John Paul II’s first name KAROL
104 Musician’s autobiography of 1986 ITINA
106 Nary a soul NOONE
107 In accordance with ASPER
111 Game with 42 territories RISK
115 Fig. on IRS forms SSN
117 Hiker’s helper, briefly GPS