Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – July 13 2019 – Every Little Step

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – July 13 2019 – Every Little Step. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – July 13 2019 – Every Little Step divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Scented soap brand CAMAY
6 Gymnast’s surface MAT
9 Academy honor OSCAR
14 Org. with a plow on its seal USDA
18 Jim Croce song “I Got ___” ANAME
19 Park feature PATH
20 Test answer that’s right about half the time FALSE
21 Fellow crew member of Michael and Buzz NEIL
25 It’s on the list ITEM
26 Onetime owner of Capitol Records EMI
27 Celebrazione religiosa a dicembre NATALE
28 “Cheap Thrills” singer SIA
29 Mare meal OATS
30 Brunch accompaniment MIMOSA
33 The other authors, briefly ETAL
34 Gives as homework ASSIGNS
41 Changes one’s locks, maybe DYES
42 River that joins the Colorado near Yuma GILA
43 Where Petruchio woos Katherina PADUA
44 Rotter CAD
47 Capital at almost 12,000 feet LAPAZ
51 Language of the Masses LATIN
54 Turn down DENY
55 Kagan’s appointer OBAMA
58 #1 hit for Dolly Parton NINEFINEFIVE
61 Cold-blooded predator LIZARD
63 Banjo legend Scruggs EARL
64 Indie rocker DiFranco ANI
65 Midyear hrs. in D.C. EDT
68 Beethoven composition ODEOREORTOUTJUTJOTJOY
74 Like the pill Neo took RED
75 “I take it that’s ___” ANO
76 New Mexico art colony TAOS
77 Sequel in which Ripley returns to LV-426 ALIENS
78 Finalize work on, before starting the presses PUTPETBETBED
83 Dried poblano pepper ANCHO
84 Already, in Arles DEJA
87 Finland’s second-largest city ESPOO
88 Strong point ASSET
90 Hauler’s unit TON
91 Dome openings OCULI
93 Sharpen HONE
95 Genuine REAL
106 New stars PHENOMS
107 Caroline du Sud, par exemple ETAT
108 House of the spirits? TAVERN
110 He succeeded Claudius NERO
112 Anticipatory time EVE
113 Entertain thoroughly REGALE
115 Place LAY
116 Hockey Hall of Famer Larionov IGOR
117 Destined for failure BORNBORELORELOSE
122 Limits CAPS
123 Missile Command producer ATARI
124 Get exactly right NAIL
125 Precept TENET
126 Patella’s locale KNEE
127 “Stop fretting!” RELAX
128 History segment ERA
129 Profound gulf ABYSS


Number Clues Answers
1 Cave ___ (beware the dog) CANEM
2 Easily exhausted ANEMIC
3 Nissan sedan MAXIMA
4 Inventory no. AMT
5 Desire YEN
6 Hot Wheels producer MATTEL
7 Aztec spear-thrower ATLATL
8 People run when they’re on it THELAM
9 Many a time OFT
10 Mineo of movies SAL
11 With whom one shares history, say CLASSMATE
12 Birthplace of St. Francis ASSISI
13 Sell to consumers RETAIL
14 Like many Chevrolets UNIONMADE
15 Leave for later SETASIDE
16 Imperial assembly DIET
17 Gifts of charity ALMS
19 Antismoking spot, in brief PSA
23 Cuspid coating ENAMEL
24 Baseball boss Bud SELIG
31 Timeworn OLD
32 Cagey SLY
34 Quatermain in books by H. Rider Haggard ALLAN
35 Natl. economic figure GDP
37 Strong-ox connection ASAN
38 1953 Leslie Caron film LILI
39 Cloister figure NUN
40 Work unit DAY
44 Complement to play-by-play COLOR
45 Suffer ABIDE
46 Knocked for a loop DAZED
48 Fishing site PIER
49 Gray area?: Abbr. ANAT
50 It means nothing to me ZERO
52 “___ first you don’t succeed…” IFAT
53 Stealthy attacker NINJA
56 Long March leader MAO
57 Pianist Claudio ARRAU
59 Champagne holder FLUTE
60 Piano quartet member VIOLA
62 Pasta al ___ DENTE
65 Remove forcefully EJECT
66 Legendary Hawaiian singer DONHO
67 Youngest boxer to win a heavyweight title TYSON
69 Fumbler’s word OOPS
70 “Ciao!” TATA
71 Common campaign issue JOBS
72 Gets some value from USES
73 Indium-antimony go-between TIN
78 Mount for Death in Revelation PALEHORSE
79 Fleeting EPHEMERAL
80 Shop sights TOOLS
81 Singer who works close to The Edge BONO
82 Laura who’s won Golden Globes in three decades DERN
84 Sawbones DOC
85 Green prefix ECO
86 Skipper’s cord JUMPROPE
89 Sway back and forth TEETER
92 Rink material ICE
94 Diciembre-febrero go-between ENERO
96 In the style of ALA
97 Tyler of “The Leftovers” LIV
99 Symbol of lousy service ONEBAR
100 Opposition casting NOVOTE
101 Unending, to Shakespeare ETERNE
102 California-based sneaker brand LAGEAR
103 Napoli’s nation ITALIA
104 Grand theft, e.g. FELONY
105 Clears ERASES
109 Vladimir’s vetoes NYETS
110 Mishap at the barbershop NICK
111 New York cardinal before Dolan EGAN
114 Not quite ROFL LOL
118 Org. attacked in “Bowling for Columbine” NRA
119 Jazz cornetist Beiderbecke BIX
120 Seventh of 24 letters ETA
121 Syr. neighbor LEB