Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – July 25 2020 – Catchy Wordies

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – July 25 2020 – Catchy Wordies. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – July 25 2020 – Catchy Wordies divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Available for playing at home ONDVD
6 Wingdings BLASTS
12 Trendy FADDISH
19 Run over REAIR
20 Vacation destination RESORT
21 Sucker’s lament IBEENHAD
23 Sleepwear for a Navy woman? MIDDYNIGHTIE
25 One watching the kids? GOATHERD
26 It may follow something ELSE
27 Tense EDGY
28 Gossip-loving gourmet? CATTYFOODIE
30 Tough tests ORALS
32 Take exception DEMUR
33 No. after a no. EXT
34 Establish INSTATE
37 Desperate signal SOS
38 Campus figure DEAN
40 FDR program WPA
43 Spanish starters TAPAS
44 Brood tender HEN
45 Vibrant ecosystem REEF
46 “Yippee!” WAHOO
48 Fashionable cap? SNAPPYBEANIE
52 Remained committed to the end SAWITOUT
54 Betray nervousness PACE
55 Parseghian in the College Football Hall of Fame ARA
56 Time-half link ANDA
58 Gifts TALENTS
59 No matter which ANY
60 Enterprise leader KIRK
62 Half-baked DUMB
64 Darned VERY
65 ___ Mahal TAJ
66 Bet taker who’s not to be trusted? SKETCHYBOOKIE
69 Applicant’s objective JOB
72 Wrinkly fruit UGLI
74 Grp. whose hearings led to Hollywood blacklisting HUAC
75 Confident SURE
76 Rose in the music biz AXL
77 Ancient civilization on Crete MINOANS
80 Aid for a Notting Hill nanny PRAM
82 Fluorine or chlorine GAS
83 Censorship-fighting org. ACLU
84 Succeeding MAKINGIT
86 Lowbrow film of the early 1930s? TRASHYTALKIE
89 Cyberchatting IMING
90 Julia Roberts’s “Ocean’s Eleven” role TESS
92 Trail furrow RUT
93 Film fragments CLIPS
94 Implore BEG
95 Marmalade component PEEL
96 Sphere ORB
97 Least suitable for young viewers RACIEST
99 Place for sweaters SPA
101 Foolish fellow NINNY
103 Kids JESTS
104 Tour worker who needs a bath? DIRTYROADIE
108 Entre ___ NOUS
109 Bowling green LAWN
113 Unfair campaign tactic SMEARING
114 Sycophant who sings? TOADYSTOOLIE
117 Come together COALESCE
118 Intertwine ENLACE
119 “Hey! Yeah, you!” PSSST
120 Not as played out FRESHER
121 Name on orange packages REESES
122 Shuts down STOPS


Number Clues Answers
1 “It’s you ___” ORME
2 Diamond of note NEIL
3 Hires competition DADS
4 Obsolete rental VIDEOTAPE
5 Like some humor DRY
6 Restrain BRIDLE
7 Brand name that alludes to its original container LEGGS
8 Far from ruddy ASHY
9 One who can’t pass the bar? SOT
10 Brief moments TRICES
11 Iron production STEAM
12 Mediterranean orchard sights FIGTREES
13 “___ Like That” (“West Side Story” song) ABOY
14 Pound with sound DEAFEN
15 Get clean DETOX
16 Facing trouble INHOTWATER
17 Shake off or take off SHED
18 Last name in spydom HARI
22 1950s political monogram DDE
24 Whiskey order NEAT
29 Sassiness, informally TUDE
31 Border on laryngitis RASP
32 Summer of music DONNA
34 1994 Julia Sweeney film spun off from an “SNL” skit ITSPAT
35 Bit of “Hey Jude” NANANA
36 One whose addiction leads to being out of touch with reality? SPACYJUNKIE
37 Place for plaice SEA
39 “___ lot of good that’ll do me!” AFAT
41 Chan impersonator? PHONYJACKIE
42 Le mois avant septembre AOUT
44 Home, figuratively HEARTH
45 Fix, as a flawed soundtrack REDUB
46 Cartoon Coyote WILEE
47 Exciting finishes in the NFL OTS
49 Constant chatter YAKKING
50 Gooey cheese BRIE
51 Brickyard competitor INDYCAR
53 Most crimped WAVIEST
57 One of the Old Testament’s minor prophets AMOS
61 Caffeinated pod KCUP
63 Joined the bulls BOUGHT
66 Translating challenge SLANG
67 Hinds’ partners HARTS
68 Last name of London criminal twins Ronnie and Reggie KRAY
70 Yellow primroses OXLIPS
71 Down to the max BLUEST
73 Becoming dull and predictable GOINGSTALE
77 Start of this centvry MMI
78 Metrical foot IAMB
79 Place SITE
81 Take the plunge MARRY
83 “We’re done for!” ALLISLOST
85 Typical college applicant TEENAGER
87 Fill in SUB
88 Billing abbr. ACCT
91 Avoided a tag, in a way SLID
95 Priest’s place PARISH
96 Common soccer draw ONEONE
97 Doesn’t throw away REUSES
98 Mgr.’s helper ASST
100 Burning heaps PYRES
102 Gunpowder ingredient NITER
103 Leopold Bloom’s creator JOYCE
104 Mil. award DSC
105 “___ the opinion…” IMOF
106 Duff REAR
107 Enough, for some ONCE
108 Secret-protecting documents: Abbr. NDAS
110 Not to mention ALSO
111 Bit of smoke WISP
112 Brooklyn ballers NETS
115 Bass, for one ALE
116 Word after special or photo OPS