Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – March 26 2022 – First Strike

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – March 26 2022 – First Strike. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – March 26 2022 – First Strike divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Leaning ATILT
6 Farrah of TV’s “Charlie’s Angels” FAWCETT
13 “Let me consider that…” HMM
16 Apt. coolers ACS
19 Columbus’s birthplace GENOA
20 Galveston Bay, e.g. ESTUARY
21 Skeptics may raise one EYEBROW
23 Newsroom standout CRACKREPORTER
25 West Indies island north of Guadeloupe ANTIGUA
26 Letter before Zulu YANKEE
27 SFO screeners TSA
28 Crisp red apple BRAEBURN
29 Game shockers UPSETS
33 They promise quick losses CRASHDIETS
35 Allen Ginsberg’s oeuvre BEATPOETRY
39 Track assignments LANES
40 It erupted more than 50 times in 2021 ETNA
41 Top of le corps humain TETE
42 Put one’s feet up REST
43 Bros DUDES
48 Strikers’ foes SCABS
50 Walkway for strollers PASEO
52 Target for a spiker PUNCHBOWL
55 Big crowds THRONGS
57 Prepares to cross a speed bump SLOWS
59 Eddie’s “Coming to America” co-star ARSENIO
60 Inductor, generally COIL
61 Ranch in “Giant” REATA
62 Words with tear or tight leash ONA
63 Diatribe RANT
64 Delighted cry OOH
66 Dr. Phil’s field POPPSYCHOLOGY
70 Some OLED TVs LGS
71 Manor worker MAID
73 Oomph VIM
74 Born yesterday, so to speak NAIVE
75 Prepare for action GIRD
77 Sews up ASSURES
79 Gather with old schoolmates REUNE
80 Entered digitally TYPEDIN
83 Top tunes listing HITPARADE
85 Purple competitor SERTA
87 Shake off ELUDE
88 Plus ASSET
89 Artist Magritte RENE
91 2000 Home Run Derby winner SOSA
93 Desktop folder, e.g. ICON
94 City that rings in the New Year by dropping a huge potato BOISE
96 A cowboy may sport a big one BELTBUCKLE
98 Shari Lewis’s Lamb Chop, e.g. SOCKPUPPET
103 Put your faith in RELYON
104 Lager alternatives PALEALES
105 Monk’s title FRA
107 Friend of Ralph, Potsie and Fonzie RICHIE
112 Formal address ORATION
113 Activity for bored students and office drudges CLOCKWATCHING
117 Determination RESOLVE
118 Walgreens rival RITEAID
119 Kids’ song refrain EIEIO
120 NFL scores TDS
121 Down SAD
122 Rust OXIDIZE
123 Eschews chow FASTS


Number Clues Answers
1 Govt. org. AGCY
2 Trillion, in metric prefixes TERA
3 Put ___ appearance INAN
4 Shoo-in LOCK
5 Adopt TAKEUP
6 Service cost FEE
7 Ancient viper ASP
8 Intl. commerce regulator WTO
9 Bow counterpart CURTSY
10 Opposite of 123-Across EATS
11 Sticky syrup TREACLE
12 Norse equivalent of Mars TYR
13 Vehicle that leaves a wake? HEARSE
14 Avian chatterboxes MYNAHS
15 Handed (out) METED
16 Make a case ARGUE
17 Place to make a case COURT
18 Gift on the seventh day SWANS
22 Netanyahu, familiarly BIBI
24 Transplant, as a plant REPOT
28 African language group BANTU
30 Oozes SEEPS
31 Bluesy James ETTA
32 Bun ingredients? TRESSES
34 Croaks RASPS
35 Outdo BEST
36 Make a lasting impression on ETCH
37 Disorderly sorts ANARCHISTS
38 Unspeakable TABOO
42 Trigger of a chain of events ROOTCAUSE
43 ICE is part of it DHS
44 Service whose business is picking up UBER
45 Temperamental toon DONALDDUCK
46 Only player to play 1,000 games with the Knicks EWING
47 Source of most of a typical casino’s profit SLOTS
49 Short cut? SNIP
51 Comic Boosler ELAYNE
53 Billionth, in metric prefixes NANO
54 Rugged CRAGGY
56 Gibson’s “Lethal Weapon” co-star GLOVER
58 Female surfer WAHINE
61 Tachometer abbr. RPM
62 World Cup cheer OLE
64 Berkshire Hathaway’s headquarters OMAHA
65 Caravan stop OASIS
67 City southeast of 19-Across PISA
69 “Oh my!” YIPE
72 Sap DUPE
76 Archaeological find RELIC
78 Remy or Templeton, e.g. RAT
79 Candy maker H.B. REESE
80 Toothsome TASTY
81 Adored one IDOL
82 Hawaiian goose NENE
84 Icicle formers DRIPS
86 Going rate? TOLL
90 See 114-Down NETFLIX
92 Call off ABORT
94 Brand with a Precisionist line BULOVA
95 Started the bidding OPENED
96 Built with buttresses BRACED
97 Org. with a Kid Power division UNICEF
98 Cricket, for one SPORT
99 Did galley work OARED
100 Economy, e.g. CLASS
101 Low-carb regimen KETO
102 They hold water PAILS
106 Griddle-baked Indian bread ROTI
108 Mint family plant CHIA
109 Makes haste HIES
110 Not eliminated INIT
111 They may clash EGOS
113 ___-Magnon CRO
114 “Cobra ___” (show on 90-Down) KAI
115 Musical including the song “Funky Monkeys,” with “The” WIZ
116 Suffix with lemon or lime ADE