Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – March 28 2020 – Old MacDonald Had a Cinema

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – March 28 2020 – Old MacDonald Had a Cinema. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – March 28 2020 – Old MacDonald Had a Cinema divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Bouillabaisse bit MUSSEL
7 Smoked sausage selection KIELBASA
15 Burns a bit CHARS
20 Safe and sound UNHURT
21 Brand name in the freezer section OTTERPOP
22 Adjust, as a boutonniere REPIN
23 Movie that features jerseys and cow catchers? THEBADMOOSBEARS
25 “___ a Rainy Night” (Eddie Rabbitt song) ILOVE
26 Law school topic TORTS
27 Mil. mail center APO
28 Magnolia or tulip TREE
29 Host a roast, say EMCEE
30 Reddish-brown horses SORRELS
32 Abbr. to facilitate routing ATTN
33 Not the real deal ERSATZ
34 Maker of 13-Down KIA
35 More disgusting ICKIER
39 Surfacing stuff TAR
41 Atticus Finch’s creator LEE
42 Movie about dogs that hustle, with “The”? COLORRUFFMONEY
47 NFL rushing units YDS
48 Pope’s faith: Abbr. CATH
50 Loyalty program level TIER
51 Perform on the streets BUSK
52 Psychic power, for short ESP
54 Common word in California town names SAN
55 Tousle MUSS
57 Singer Redding OTIS
59 Clue category ACROSS
62 Dickinson and Post EMILYS
64 Rhode Island’s motto HOPE
66 Abbr. in a PC menu CTRL
68 Go for a second tour REUP
70 Tibetan monk LAMA
71 Movie musical that floats pigs’ boats? OINKERSAWAY
74 Madame Bovary’s given name EMMA
75 Wife, in Wiesbaden FRAU
76 Spare tire, essentially FLAB
77 Monotonous learning ROTE
78 Scale start DOREMI
80 Friend since childhood OLDPAL
82 Doofus YOYO
84 Sch. level ELEM
86 Salad bar stuff OIL
87 Proof-ending letters QED
88 ___ Club (Walmart offshoot) SAMS
90 “Africa” band TOTO
92 Chem class abbr. ATWT
94 Bird in Liberty Mutual ads EMU
96 Movie about horses that’s sure to stirrup some emotions? THENEIGHWEWERE
100 ___ culpa MEA
101 Setting of many schools SEA
102 “1917” director MENDES
103 “Go on…” AND
106 Mischievous moppet URCHIN
109 Spout off RANT
112 Work on antiques RESTORE
115 Compare LIKEN
116 Breakout, of a sort ACNE
117 Bill addition FEE
119 Caravan stops OASES
120 Blast from the past ATEST
121 Movie musical with the song “We Welcome Ewe to Munchkinland”? THEWIZARDOFBAAS
125 To the point TERSE
126 Indefatigable TIRELESS
127 “Out with it!” TELLME
128 Corsair or Pacer EDSEL
129 Adam’s “Marriage Story” co-star SCARLETT
130 Halloween haul SWEETS


Number Clues Answers
1 Pound picks MUTTS
2 Disconnect, in a way UNHOOK
3 Fashion designer Hill SHERRI
4 Do some deduction SUBTRACT
5 Clear off ERASE
6 Former Ford LTD
7 Surgeon general of the 1980s KOOP
8 “Saturn is fallen, am ___ to fall?”: Keats ITOO
9 Superman and Supergirl, for two ETS
10 Pres. Michel Aoun’s nation LEB
11 Favre with a football BRETT
12 No longer together APART
13 SUVs from South Korea SORENTOS
14 Sanctuary area APSE
15 Bygone maker of announcements CRIER
16 Manages HELMS
17 Movie about a cat fight in Vietnam? APOCALYPSEMEOW
19 They often bring blessings SNEEZES
24 Sidelines figures MASCOTS
31 “Woah” rapper ___ Baby LIL
32 Pound sound ARF
33 Before, in verses ERE
36 Divine cowherd of Hinduism KRISHNA
37 Seething state IRE
38 Pole position? EUROPE
40 Museum of Anatolian Civilizations location ANKARA
43 “Yikes!” OHMY
44 Raiders’ org. FBI
45 Fragrant wine grape MUSCAT
46 “___ Blues” (Beatles song) YER
48 Chevy model since 1966 CAMARO
49 Movie that features Marxist ducks? ANIMALQUACKERS
53 More tender SORER
54 Introspective study SELF
56 Its b’day is July 4 USOFA
58 Towel material TERRY
60 Half of an infamous duo CLYDE
61 Peak SUMMIT
63 Diploma word LAUDE
65 “No problem” OKBYME
67 Updated one’s followers, perhaps TWEETED
69 Mold on the beach PAIL
72 “Let me check” ILLSEE
73 Assuage SOOTHE
79 ___ Benson Miller of CBS’s “The Unicorn” OMAR
81 LAX summer setting PDT
83 Footballer Umenyiora OSI
85 Brought down LOWERED
89 In turmoil ANARCHIC
91 Dominate, slangily OWN
93 Service station, of a sort TEATABLE
94 Attempt to equal EMULATE
95 Was deserving of MERITED
97 QVC alternative HSN
98 Chronometry standard: Abbr. GMT
99 Language suffix ESE
104 Cash register words NOSALE
105 Had aspirations DREAMT
107 “Siddhartha” author HESSE
108 Gathering of moles? INTEL
110 The end of ___ ANERA
111 More original NEWER
113 “Never ___” (1959 Sinatra film) SOFEW
114 Slalom run makeup ESSES
116 Bar assn. members ATTS
117 Swift FAST
118 Formerly, formerly ERST
122 Under the weather ILL
123 Alphabet ender ZEE
124 NFL tiebreakers OTS