Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 14 2022 – Eye Shadow

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 14 2022 – Eye Shadow. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – May 14 2022 – Eye Shadow divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Bear Bryant’s bailiwick ALABAMA
8 About 18% of all people CHINESE
15 Alternative to Home Depot LOWES
20 Darkroom liquid for lessening darkness REDUCER
21 Too anxious for romance LOVESHY
22 Cat-___-tails ONINE
23 Regretted dressing casual? MISSEDTHEBOWTIE
25 Extremely ULTRA
26 Deeply disturbing experience TRAUMA
27 There are 28 in a Monopoly game DEEDS
29 Melville mariner AHAB
30 Lingerie buy BRA
33 “She Walks in Beauty” poet BYRON
34 Coward in a library NOEL
35 Members of a household MENAGE
37 Some wedding parties RABBIS
39 Spot SEE
41 Shrank DWINDLED
43 Org. ASSOC
44 Apt sportscast nickname for quarterback Manning after a monster game? ELECTRICELI
48 Mormons, initially LDS
49 Subsequently THEN
50 Tahrir Square site CAIRO
51 Laughing at, maybe AMUSEDBY
53 Renders ineffective NEGATES
55 Singer called “The Voice of the Civil Rights Movement” ODETTA
56 Hover ominously LOOM
59 Third member of the 500 home run club OTT
61 Major work OPUS
62 Long of “Soul Food” NIA
63 Traveling company TROUPE
65 Exponent’s indication POWER
67 “And don’t forget that Mideast peninsula”? PLUSSINAI
72 Fairy tale fiends OGRES
73 Saves postage on a tax return EFILES
75 Formerly called NEE
76 Long haul TREK
78 Hospital VIPs MDS
79 “Aw, shoot!” NUTS
80 Person with no class? TRUANT
83 Olympians in red, white and blue TEAMUSA
85 House work, of a sort HEARINGS
87 Simple question type YESNO
88 Show displeasure HISS
91 Non-___ (food label) GMO
93 Conscientious objector, maybe? SOLDIERANTI
95 “Live free or die,” e.g. MOTTO
96 Meritorious LAUDABLE
98 Second fiddles, initially VPS
99 Live-in help AUPAIR
100 Recorded ONTAPE
101 They bring people home, for short RBIS
104 Still life components PEARS
107 Spleen IRE
108 Scopes Trial org. ACLU
109 Willamette Valley city SALEM
111 Puts up ERECTS
113 Cardio program popularized in the 1990s TAEBO
115 Demand shouted during a blackout at a French tourist site? LIGHTVERSAILLES
121 Rivendell residents ELVES
122 Like the “Game of Thrones” pilot UNAIRED
123 The least bit ONEIOTA
124 Forays RAIDS
125 Charges for a tutor MENTEES
126 Puzzle PERPLEX


Number Clues Answers
1 Weaponize ARM
2 Ring around Hawaii LEI
3 Spots ADS
4 Complete failure BUST
5 Scathing ACERBIC
6 What a weekend at a spa resort provides MEDAYS
7 Pianist Schnabel ARTUR
8 Comet et al. CLEANSERS
9 Mischievous sprite HOB
10 Tony-winning director van Hove IVO
11 Salon offering NEWDO
12 First name in cosmetics ESTEE
13 Diamond choice SHIELDCUT
14 Gave the once-over EYED
15 One of Chief Wiggum’s officers on “The Simpsons” LOU
16 Ashore ONLAND
17 How a barmaid should reach the table, having not spilled a drop? WITHALLYOURMAITAI
18 Very hot ENRAGED
19 Where to find wrecks SEABEDS
24 Group for 78-Across HMO
28 Greet warmly SMILEAT
30 Angel’s antithesis BRAT
31 Injudicious RASH
32 Like playing hooky when singer Stubbs refuses to? ABSENTWITHOUTLEVI
34 Take home NET
36 Cherokee Strip city ENID
38 Hammer or anvil, e.g. BONE
40 “Numero Zero” author ECO
42 “Race Matters” writer Cornel WEST
44 Thoroughly enjoy EATUP
45 Eldest of the von Trapp children LIESL
46 Segments of geometry RADII
47 Clarification lead-in IMEAN
50 Put a lid on CAP
52 Online posting BLOG
54 Reason for some R ratings GORE
55 Start ONSET
57 Column that’s slanted OPED
58 Clutter MESS
59 Tournament type OPEN
60 Vegan’s protein souce TOFU
64 Big name in streaming ROKU
66 “What ___?” ELSE
68 Dragon roll fish UNAGI
69 Ninny’s lack SENSE
70 Bikini event, for short ATEST
71 Farsi speaker IRANI
74 Club flashers STROBES
77 Punk offshoot EMO
81 Small stream RILL
82 Emphasize, in a way UNDERLINE
83 Some bikes TENSPEEDS
84 Play the market? SHOP
86 “Pronto!” ASAP
87 Mouth, informally YAP
89 Kerfuffle STIR
90 Ticked off SORE
91 “Told you so!” sayer, e.g. GLOATER
92 Board game with stones MANCALA
94 Camp sights, briefly RVS
95 More in need of ventilating MUSTIER
97 Applied in a slapdash manner DAUBED
99 Esoteric ARCANE
102 Kicked off BEGAN
103 “Medic! Medic!” IMHIT
105 Go off course ERR
106 Fabled writer? AESOP
110 Fundraising target, often ALUM
112 Unintended revelation SLIP
114 CIA forerunner OSS
116 Quattro preceder TRE
117 Migratory pattern VEE
118 “U slay me!” LOL
119 It follows printemps ETE
120 Bird blew it SAX