Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – November 21 2022 – Doc Work

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – November 21 2022 – Doc Work. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – November 21 2022 – Doc Work divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Makes puppy dog eyes, perhaps BEGS
5 They’re shaped by shapewear WAISTS
11 Grand ___ (wine designation) CRU
14 Potent hit? TOKE
18 Parts of hearts ATRIA
20 Firmly establish ENROOT
21 Park scofflaw LITTERER
23 “My colleagues and I will do some exploratory work on your knee, in a ___,” said the rheumatologist JOINTVENTURE
25 Expert on 15-Down, maybe OPERAFAN
26 Nyala or gnu ANTELOPE
27 Point in the right direction? EAST
29 Chorus from the congregation AMENS
30 Director Roth ELI
31 “My role is to ___,” said the OB/GYN HELPPEOPLEOUT
35 Severe cold, say BADCASE
39 Cropped up AROSE
40 Perennial chicken course? ROAD
41 Tan shades ECRUS
42 Mathematician Turing ALAN
43 See 85-Down ONO
44 Call’s counterpart PUT
47 “You have to be ___,” said the pediatrician ALITTLEPATIENT
52 Deep gorge RAVINE
55 Sucker DUPE
56 Mischievous group IMPS
57 Shiny mineral MICA
59 Brooklyn Bridge dealers? LIARS
60 Slimy slowpoke SNAIL
62 Good fighter EVIL
64 “What are you waiting for?!” GETONIT
66 “Never fear, I use only ___,” said the surgeon CUTTINGEDGETECHNOLOGY
71 Bogey ONEOVER
72 Answers from ensigns AYES
73 Blended yogurt drink LASSI
74 Heart quickener SCARE
75 Wyatt of the Old West EARP
77 Burkina ___ FASO
78 Claim of innocence NOTI
82 Only woman named in the Quran MARYAM
84 “My procedures should be able to ___,” said the orthopedist SETYOUSTRAIGHT
88 Photo ___ OPS
89 FedEx alternative UPS
91 Completely dominates OWNS
92 Groove for a letter-shaped bolt TSLOT
93 Ward of “Independence Day: Resurgence” SELA
95 Potato preference BAKED
97 Dishes made at high temperatures? POTTERY
99 “Be warned, I may have to make some ___,” said the dermatologist RASHDECISIONS
103 Timetable abbr. ARR
104 Super stoked AMPED
105 Vehicles that can roll over, briefly IRAS
106 Spotting 26-Across, say ONSAFARI
111 Link clicked for details MOREINFO
113 “Don’t worry, during your corrective procedure, I’ll stay ___,” said the ophthalmologist LASERFOCUSED
117 Gradually reveals a scene, to a cinematographer IRISESIN
118 Whiteboard accessory ERASER
119 Court contest TRIAL
120 Rogen of “This Is the End” SETH
121 Loops in on an email CCS
122 Do-it-yourself tool? SEXTOY
123 Bulldogs’ school YALE


Number Clues Answers
1 ___ Fresh (Chipotle competitor) BAJA
2 Harry and William attended it ETON
3 Resolve GRIT
4 Opposite-side/hypotenuse ratio SINE
5 Three-hankie film WEEPIE
6 Sister of Emily and Charlotte ANNE
7 Original NYC subway line IRT
8 Trifling amount SOU
9 Rocky peak TOR
10 Makes tea STEEPS
11 Intimate CLOSE
12 Portrayer of Zed in the “Men in Black” films RIPTORN
13 4×4, for short UTE
14 Assigned as a partner TEAMED
15 Monteverdi title character ORFEO
16 Sandra’s “Speed” co-star KEANU
17 Young’s accounting partner ERNST
19 Minimally ATLEAST
22 Refrain syllables TRALA
24 Crimson Tide rivals VOLS
28 Bonobo, e.g. APE
31 NFL co-founder George HALAS
32 Part of Q.E.D. ERAT
33 Comedian Love LONI
34 Below C level? POOR
35 One being strung along? BEAD
36 Nonprofit org. since 1920 ACLU
37 Icicle former DRIP
38 Rom-com plot, usually CUTESTORY
42 Company with a campus at 1 Infinite Loop APPLE
43 Alternative to NYSE OTC
44 Upright, e.g. PIANO
45 Strip, as a ship UNRIG
46 Irritable TESTY
48 “Nine Perfect Strangers” author Moriarty LIANE
49 Asylum seeker EMIGRE
50 Gives out EMITS
51 Divider of 62-Down NILE
53 Some singers ALTOS
54 Performer who takes a bow? VIOLINIST
58 Horrified AGHAST
61 Skin care brand NIVEA
62 See 51-Down EGYPT
63 Victory symbol VEE
65 Belgian painter James ENSOR
66 Cranberry cocktail COSMO
67 Prepare to pour from, say UNCAP
68 Sorrow signs TEARS
69 Be bold DARE
70 Elegant style CLASS
76 Beast of burden ASS
77 Backs, in a way FUNDS
79 Eye creepily OGLE
80 Frigga’s son THOR
81 Wee ITTY
83 Beast of burden MULE
85 With 43-Across, Grammy winner from Tokyo YOKO
86 Clive of “Inside Man” OWEN
90 Bikini surrounder PACIFIC
93 Exasperated exclamation SHEESH
94 Redmayne with an Oscar EDDIE
95 Org. that first allowed girls to join in 2018 BSA
96 Supermarket sections AISLES
97 Cook in a skillet PANFRY
98 Approximately ORSO
99 “Groundhog Day” director Harold RAMIS
100 Love, Italian-style AMORE
101 Spar on a ship SPRIT
102 Woods alternative for Woods IRONS
106 Twistable cookie OREO
107 Rage FURY
108 Gobi Desert site ASIA
109 Genuine REAL
110 Twiddling one’s thumbs IDLE
112 White House advisory org. NSC
114 Word that sounds like its middle letter ARE
115 Jazz instrument SAX
116 Superlative suffix EST