Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 15 2020 – The Last Shall Be First

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 15 2020 – The Last Shall Be First. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 15 2020 – The Last Shall Be First divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 First man ADAM
5 Genre of “Alien” and “Arrival” SCIFI
10 Mellows, in a way AGES
14 Artist’s inspiration MUSE
15 “HUMBLE.” rapper Kendrick LAMAR
16 Little terror BRAT
17 Steakhouse patrons MEATEATERS
19 It’s a long story SAGA
20 Dough dispenser ATM
21 Chatty bird MYNA
22 Most common roll with two dice SEVEN
23 Clamor NOISE
25 Geeky side INNERNERD
28 Snare TRAP
30 Friendliness AMITY
31 Enter gingerly EASEIN
34 Piece of concert equipment AMP
35 In the style of ALA
38 Bubble baths and hot cocoa, say SIMPLEPLEASURES
42 Paid player PRO
43 Sch. that hosts a yearly Mystery Hunt MIT
44 The Doctor’s time machine on “Doctor Who” TARDIS
45 Satellite’s path ORBIT
48 Units of electrical resistance OHMS
49 It’s not long-distance LOCALCALL
52 Headquartered BASED
56 Last words of pilot Red Four in “Star Wars” IMHIT
57 Notion IDEA
59 Apiece PER
60 Large water pipe MAIN
61 Turn up with the tide WASHASHORE
64 Part of A.D. ANNO
65 Church fixture ALTAR
66 Song for a soprano ARIA
67 Virgo, for one SIGN
68 Primary points GISTS
69 Consider DEEM


Number Clues Answers
1 Capital of Jordan AMMAN
2 Because of DUETO
3 “Ditto,” more formally ASAMI
4 Got together MET
5 Succeed at the comedy club SLAY
6 Mint that makes felines frisky CATNIP
7 Words before a clarification IMEAN
8 A long way FAR
9 Org. with interest in interest IRS
10 Not in class ABSENT
11 Spooky spot GRAVEYARD
12 Gung-ho EAGER
13 Get to one’s feet STAND
18 Chef Lagasse EMERIL
22 ___ Lanka SRI
24 Staircase unit STEP
26 Birth certificate line NAME
27 Person who can read the emotions of others EMPATH
29 Lacking energy ANEMIC
31 Mentalist’s purported power ESP
32 Broadcast AIR
33 Doing some canoodling SMOOCHING
34 Key close to Ctrl ALT
36 Luau accessory LEI
37 Braying beast ASS
39 Falafel holder PITA
40 Lively Brazilian dances SAMBAS
41 ___ Minor (Polaris’s constellation) URSA
46 Ruin, as a parade RAINON
47 Crispy sandwich BLT
48 Trite OLDHAT
49 Succotash beans LIMAS
50 Saudi’s neighbor OMANI
51 Enumerates LISTS
53 Fungus “seed” SPORE
54 Spooky EERIE
55 Lofty aspiration DREAM
58 Dachshund’s floppers EARS
61 Funny person WAG
62 Rope-a-dope boxer ALI
63 Owned HAD