Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 21 2019 – Again and Again

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 21 2019 – Again and Again. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 21 2019 – Again and Again divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Whence philosopher William OCCAM
6 Cuneiform implements STYLI
11 Locality AREA
15 Lyra’s brightest star VEGA
19 One might be filled with Nutella CREPE
20 Emulate Tony Martin CROON
21 “Feel the ___” (campaign slogan) BERN
22 It gives the Red Planet its red color IRON
23 Montana hangout? HELENAHAUNT
25 Delivery vehicle for oranges from Valencia? SPAINDRAY
27 Poland/Germany border river ODER
28 Chum BUD
29 Mathematician known for his incompleteness theorems GODEL
31 Salutation of a sort TOAST
32 Asphalt ingredient BITUMEN
35 Hit the jackpot WINITALL
37 Makeup of some beds EARTH
39 McGregor of “Christopher Robin” EWAN
41 Slow-cooked dish STEW
42 Dog who lives in Orbit City’s Skypad Apartments ASTRO
46 Problem with a runner on a flight? STAIRFRAYING
49 Memorial, e.g. DAY
51 Composer Khachaturian ARAM
52 Took, in a way SATFOR
53 Slow-cooked dish RAGOUT
55 Die down SUBSIDE
57 Wordsworth words ODE
58 Hardly the heroic type WUSS
60 Abbr. after a page no. in a citation ETSEQ
62 Spirit made from agave sap MESCAL
63 B-boy connection ASIN
64 Newspaper account, e.g. WRITEUP
66 Bête ___ NOIRE
67 Instrument of Syrian nationalism? BAATHTUBA
71 Result of a beach cleanup? NEATCOAST
73 “Straight ___ Compton” OUTTA
74 Good things that come to those who wait BIGTIPS
78 “Walking in Memphis” singer Marc COHN
79 Wide-angle studio lights BROADS
81 Chaplin chapeau DERBY
82 Pitcher’s concern TENT
83 Imprecisely remembered DIM
86 Takes off the air CANCELS
88 Scarcity DEARTH
90 Last name of father-and-son quarterbacks Bob and Brian GRIESE
92 Jazz setting UTAH
93 Knock over ROB
95 Got up after being dragged through the mud? AROSETAINTED
97 Bearer of old news TELEX
99 Libidinous drive LUST
101 Draped garment SARI
102 Combustion conclusion ASHES
103 Loss of nerve COLDFEET
106 Storyteller REGALER
108 “The Hobbit” villain SMAUG
110 Like some jeans FADED
112 Humerus holder ARM
113 Veneer COAT
116 Zoo reporter’s gig? BEASTBEAT
118 Spare tire in Hawaii? HAOLEPAUNCH
121 Bring down the house? RAZE
122 Yarn TALE
123 Dutch wheels EDAMS
124 Home of the Minoans CRETE
125 Abbey brews ALES
126 Part of QED QUOD
127 “Ginger Pye” author Eleanor ESTES
128 Ushered from the door LEDIN


Number Clues Answers
1 Cubo de dos OCHO
2 Rep CRED
3 Make merry CELEBRATE
4 Campari, for one APERITIF
5 Fellows MEN
6 Chuck from New York SCHUMER
7 They may involve punitive tariffs TRADEWARS
8 Second person YOU
9 Pine LONG
10 Along for the ride INTOW
11 Away, say ABSENT
12 Made a comeback REPLIED
13 Historian’s topic ERA
14 Baker with eight Grammys ANITA
15 Popularizer of 67-Down VIDALSASSOON
16 Slips up ERRS
17 Milk source GOAT
18 One or more ANY
24 “Aladdin” monkey ABU
26 Saints’ home, familiarly NOLA
30 Yuck factor DISGUST
33 Engage in oblique insults THROWSHADE
34 Poland Spring rival NAYA
36 “Jabberwocky” start TWAS
37 Standard offspring ESSO
38 Somewhat ATAD
40 Nation east of Mali NIGER
43 Dick and Pat’s eldest TRICIA
44 Plane trackers RADARS
45 Diner option OMELET
47 Material for a cobbler FRUIT
48 “Don’t look at me” NOTI
50 “Delish!” YUM
54 They start after 12 TEENS
56 Proceeding after a jury waiver BENCHTRIAL
59 Brushoff SNUB
61 “What?” from Juan QUE
63 Diplomatic carriers ATTACHECASES
64 Carried on WAGED
65 Betray anxiety PACE
67 Pageboy’s relative BOBCUT
68 Ethically-sourced gold jewelry brand AURATE
69 Keyless ATONAL
70 Sotheby’s signal BID
72 Its capital is Nuku‘alofa TONGA
75 Bought dinner for, say TREATED
76 Bridge beam IBAR
77 Ones with a burning desire? PYROS
80 Canon offering SLR
82 Who I am inside THEREALME
83 Toppled DETHRONED
84 “Got it” ISEE
85 Docs dispense them MEDS
87 Yard sale tag SOLD
89 Winter Palace user TSAR
91 Issa Rae HBO series INSECURE
94 Intimidate BUFFALO
96 Fierce female TIGRESS
98 Strike XOUT
100 Ready for takeoff SEATED
104 Pride letters LGBTQ
105 Snicker TEHEE
107 Box at a concert AMP
108 Pup with flippers SEAL
109 Problem solved by the right-hand rule MAZE
111 Barq’s rival DADS
114 When Macbeth meets the witches ACTI
115 Following THEN
116 Source of support BRA
117 Loire fill EAU
119 Mare morsel OAT
120 Oft-injured knee part, briefly ACL