Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 28 2019 – Treasure Hunt

Daily crossword solution for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 28 2019 – Treasure Hunt. The Wall Street Journal Crosswords are very hard some times, we will help you to finish the tricky definitions.
Below you can find all the answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Answers – September 28 2019 – Treasure Hunt divided to 2 sections, Across clues and Down Clues.

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Number Clues Answers
1 Groenlandia, por ejemplo ISLA
5 Sister of Chekhov’s Masha and Irina OLGA
9 Move, in realty jargon RELO
13 Maker of Predator laptops ACER
17 Sentence subject, usually NOUN
18 Male gamete SPERM
19 Dickerson and Dane ERICS
21 Turbine part VANE
22 Treasure hunt instruction, part 1 FINDTHENAMESOFTENGEMS
26 Game played with an odd number of cards OLDMAID
27 Fool DELUDE
28 Iago plants Desdemona’s handkerchief in his lodgings CASSIO
29 Corrida cries OLES
30 Flooring option TILE
31 Numbered rd. RTE
32 Braves, on scoreboards ATL
33 Ovid’s first work AMORES
36 Rip off CHEAT
38 Aromatic neckwear LEI
39 Reuben base RYE
40 Horizontal lines in graphing XAXES
41 Insulting allegations SLURS
42 Explorer who laid the groundwork for the British claim to Canada CABOT
44 Thread target EYE
45 Game leaders EMCEES
47 Blew a gasket GOTENRAGED
52 Home field of the Eagles, familiarly, with “the” LINC
54 Magazine contents ARMS
55 Woodland walkway TRAIL
56 “…upon the stair, ___ man who wasn’t there” IMETA
57 Tom Joad, e.g. OKIE
59 Starchy sort PRISS
60 Showed extreme disrespect toward SPATAT
61 Treasure hunt instruction, part 2 HIDDENWITHINTHEPUZZLE
67 Early milestone AGEONE
68 Secluded spots NOOKS
69 Satisfy a nicotine craving, perhaps VAPE
70 Done in SLAIN
71 Reeve’s “Deathtrap” co-star CAINE
72 Be mindful of HEED
74 Shoebox number SIZE
78 Boisterous activity HURLYBURLY
80 Bird that catches fish by plunge-diving GANNET
82 Direct the crew COX
83 They’re sometimes topped with tzatziki GYROS
84 Capital of a continent EUROS
85 Ultraviolet blocker OZONE
87 Sin reciprocal, in trig CSC
90 Big marble TAW
91 Does some dieting SLIMS
92 Hits bottom? SPANKS
93 Blood-typing letters ABO
94 Clunker DUD
95 Hacienda room SALA
96 Minor complaint PEEP
97 Farm worker who helps ewes deliver LAMBER
99 Jack-in-the-box part SPRING
101 Person who might take a tumble ACROBAT
105 Treasure hunt instruction, part 3 GRIDINWORDSEARCHSTYLE
108 Black-and-white mammal ORCA
109 Red Sea borderer SINAI
110 Casino array SLOTS
111 Greek vowels ETAS
112 Overly curious NOSY
113 Nursery bunch TOTS
114 Diner offering EATS
115 Minimal change CENT


Number Clues Answers
1 Scoop INFO
2 Agronomy focus SOIL
3 Ilsa’s surname in “Casablanca” LUND
4 Wrap-up phrase in a compilation record commercial ANDMORE
5 Pieces by pundits OPEDS
6 Cariou of “Blue Bloods” LEN
7 Mortarboard flinger GRAD
8 Current checkers AMMETERS
9 Upshot RESULT
10 Slowly destroy ERODE
11 Cereal Mikey liked in a ’70s ad LIFE
12 When the MLB series is played OCT
13 Means: Abbr. AVGS
14 Hail fellow? CAESAR
15 Deep-seated hate ENMITY
16 Fix a flat, say RESOLE
18 Starts in fear SHIES
20 Strings, e.g. SECTION
23 “Unto the Sons” memoirist Gay TALESE
24 2019 NHL Rookie of the Year Pettersson ELIAS
25 Highlands denial NAE
31 Defiant sort REBEL
33 Skater’s spinning jump AXEL
34 Request for permission MAYI
35 Farm team OXEN
36 Mr. Miniver, in “Mrs. Miniver” CLEM
37 Colors HUES
38 Toward midnight LATISH
41 It has a head and a thread SCREW
42 Progress with minimal effort COAST
43 Cause to goof TRIPUP
46 Senator King’s state MAINE
47 Expresses amusement GRINS
48 Stuns AMAZES
49 “The Girl From Ipanema” saxophonist GETZ
50 Series-ending abbr. ETAL
51 Check line DATE
53 Fish product used by tanners CODOIL
55 Tyke’s transport TRIKE
58 “Songbird” saxophonist KENNYG
59 Spurious PHONY
60 Garden tool SPADE
61 Diner offering HASH
62 Inuit for “house” IGLU
63 Cherished DEAR
64 Lined up INAROW
65 Grinds away TOILS
66 Ties up EVENS
71 Band-Aid rival CURAD
72 Injury HARM
73 Grandson of Eve ENOS
75 Representative symbol ICON
76 Pass (out) ZONK
77 Past partners EXES
79 Alternately BYTURNS
80 From northern South America GUIANESE
81 Boozehounds TOPERS
84 “Black-ish” co-star Tracee ___ Ross ELLIS
86 Pre-Columbian civilization of Oaxaca ZAPOTEC
87 Brand with “Take me away!” ads CALGON
88 Pizza chain in many malls and airports SBARRO
89 Newspaper feature COMICS
91 Famed Theater District restaurant SARDIS
92 Drei doubled SECHS
94 Agnus ___ DEI
95 Herring family fish SPRAT
96 Ententes PACTS
98 Present time, briefly BDAY
99 Prefix with gram or buoy SONO
100 Glitzy do GALA
102 Memory unit BYTE
103 Bean in space ALAN
104 Clinical study TEST
106 Acumen WIT
107 Balderdash ROT