Washington Post Crossword Answers Thursday, April 27, 2023

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Clues Answers
Cracked AJAR
Actor Omar EPPS
Dull sound THUMP
Easy going? LOPE
Pharmacist’s container VIAL
Ancient region of modern Turkey IONIA
Range for Zermatt and the Matter Valley ALPS
Honors course for an aspiring aircraft marshaller? APPOINTING
Get down to basics STRIP
Consumes EATS
Red carpet stance POSE
Irish actor Chris of TV’s “Get Shorty” ODOWD
Shenanigans HIJINKS
Dust jacket design COVERART
Bowling pin count TEN
Bird mascot for the Miami Hurricanes IBIS
New Zealand parrots KEAS
Ray’s relative SKATE
Tanqueray liquor GIN
Georgia fruit PEACHES
Hoppin’ John morsel PEA
George of “The Goldbergs” SEGAL
Word with ring or music MOOD
Relaxation stations SPAS
Claire of “The Crown” FOY
Fleetest of foot SWIFTEST
Brandy glass SNIFTER
Penta- minus one TETRA
Goddess who is the mother of Apollo and Artemis LETO
Protein option for pho TOFU
Olympic volleyball great Kerri __ Jennings WALSH
Honors course for an aspiring pastor? APPRAISING
Totenberg of NPR NINA
Barbecue sites YARDS
Creative flash IDEA
Tiny annoyance GNAT
Splash through puddles SLOSH
Prying NOSY
Meringue need EGGS
Quaint plaint ALAS
Slangy smokes CIGS
Leaves rolling in the aisles SLAYS
Shock JOLT
Big Apple stage award OBIE
Place to spot a 48-Down, maybe NEPAL
Honors course for an aspiring lawyer? APPROVING
Staffer who’s good at networking, for short ITPRO
Provides, as an opportunity AFFORDS
__ ejemplo POR
Storyline PLOT
Fire pit residue ASH
Perón of Argentina EVA
Waves from a boat WAKE
Creature in Tibetan myth YETI
Out-of-reach goal PIPEDREAM
Pitcher’s gripping aid ROSIN
__ Smurf PAPA
Tuesday fare TACOS
Everymutt FIDO
Arboreal slowpoke SLOTH
Many entries in the Great American Songbook SHOWTUNES
“You think so?” ISIT
Falco of “Nurse Jackie” EDIE
Carefree GAY
Metal in pewter TIN
Milo’s “Gilmore Girls” role JESS
“Woo-hoo!,” in textspeak FTW
Bright lipstick shade HOTPINK
Idiosyncratic STRANGE
Gabrielle of “L.A.’s Finest” UNION
Honors course for an aspiring bell ringer? APPEALING
Capital of Belarus MINSK
Dim sum brews TEAS
Obstacle SNAG
Audiobook’s lack PAGES
All-Star side EAST
Bowlers, e.g. HATS