Washington Post Crossword Answers Thursday, January 26, 2023

Daily solution for the Washington Post Crossword Answers Thursday, January 26, 2023. The Washington Post Crosswords are very hard some times, with our help you will be able to finish the tricky definitions.
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Clues Answers
Intro courses? APPS
Female turkeys HENS
Features of some islands SINKS
Attract DRAW
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Sleeper’s rumble SNORE
Mascot who pursued the Hamburglar DETECTIVEBIGMAC
Dutch cheese EDAM
Right at sea? AYE
So last year OUT
Mascot with a goatee and a string tie GENERALSANDERS
Flying fig. ALT
Carve up a black diamond? SKI
Currier and __ IVES
Entreaty PLEA
Shade tree ELM
Service charge FEE
Mascot “born in the Sea of Milk” ADMIRALCRUNCH
Choice indicators ORS
English pronoun SHE
Excursion TRIP
Océano contents AGUA
“Sorta” ISH
Estadio cheer OLE
Mascot who says, “I want to eat your cereal!” MARQUISCHOCULA
Samantha Bee’s former network TBS
Calgary summer hrs. MDT
Left at sea? PORT
Marketing strategies, and what the mascots in this puzzle have all been given? SALESPROMOTIONS
With 40-Down, legal scholar played by Kerry Washington in HBO’s “Confirmation” ANITA
Past regulation, briefly INOT
Smooch in a lift SNOG
Cat collar dangler IDTAG
Affixes a patch, say SEWS
Hushed “Hey!” PSST
Verb on a dipstick ADD
Missing segment GAP
Taiwan’s first female president TSAI
Paid intro? PRE
Spanish pronoun ELLA
Radio setting AMBAND
Protected, in a way PATENTED
Like the streets in some period pieces GASLIT
Greta Thunberg, notably SWEDE
Affaire de coeur AMOUR
“When do u get in?” ETA
Sonata and Cadenza CARS
Kirkuk’s country IRAQ
Old futon problem SAG
Ones who work with bowlers and boaters HATMAKERS
Strike caller UMP
Yalie ELI
Singer/activist Downs LILA
Elba of “The Suicide Squad” IDRIS
Super stars NOVAS
NYC FC’s org. MLS
Curling target STONE
“Buh-bye!” SEEYA
Smart CHIC
Lower a pitch? MOW
“__-Hur” BEN
Just-brewed carafes of coffee, e.g. FRESHPOTS
Govt. stipend SSI
French Lord DIEU
Nocturnal call HOOT
Dutch banking giant with an orange lion logo ING
__ planner EVENT
Brittle CRISP
“I give!” NOMORE
Salad topping CROUTONS
Alison in the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame KRAUSS
See 64-Across HILL
Figs. NOS
Chip off the old flock? SECT
Storied cause of royal insomnia PEA
“__ Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” SGT